Monday, January 11, 2016

All was not lost

I got my run in on Saturday.  The plan was to get a little hiking in on Saturday afternoon.  However, by the time 'J' and I were ready to go it was drizly and icky. The weather report had said that Saturday was supposed to be somewhat clear and Sunday 100% chance of rain.  So I figured the weekend was shot for any outdoor walking.  I was bummed but determined to have a good weekend anyway!

However, the weather did a switch up on us.   Sunday was actually kind of sunny.  So off we went. We decided to walk on the canal versus heading onto some miserably muddy hiking trail that was carved out of the side of a mountain. (read billy goat trail that would be easy to slip off of!.....remember, we are talking about me!).   We went down to a place/town/village called Point of Rocks and hopped onto the canal for some walking.   The weather was fantastic.....well....except for the wind.  And we had a hard time regulating our body temps so we vacillated between being hot and being cold.   The problem?   When we were hot we would work up a bit of a sweat......and then when the cold hit we would be REALLY cold because well...we had worked up a sweat.  We tried to adjust our layers to avoid the sweat (we aren't dumb....we knew that the sweat would make the cold miserable)  but sadly, we ( least ME)  were not successful. felt FANTASTIC to be out in the fresh air and being active!

THAT is what life is about.....doing a fun activity with a friend and just enjoying doesn't feel like exercise when that happens!!!!!  

I thought my food was out of whack this weekend again.  I was HUNGRY on Saturday.  But when I put my food in, I was on target with my food. (ok, I ate the calories that I earned through running but that doesn't matter in the long run).    I was actually SPOT ON...isn't that interesting?   Sunday I was actually a bit below budget.  As I sat watching the hockey game and fiddled around online, I was SOOOO tempted to head to the sweet snacks that my mom makes for a living.  But then I remembered that I am a girl on a mission and while that sweet treat would taste good...being thin tastes better!!!!!