Monday, July 17, 2017


Last week I was so nervous to give my notice to my work.   Remember I've only been at this office for two it was kinda a 'I'm's my notice!'   I was worried how they were going to react and how my last two to three weeks were going to play out.   Were they going to be mad about it....vindictive about it in terms of scheduling?  How miserable would I be!

Turns out not so miserable at all.   They are relieved to have me the two and a half weeks and understanding about my leaving.   What a relief.   Jason saw me after work and some of his first words to me were 'you can see how relieved you are to get that behind you'. And 'your smile is huge again!'

So obviously a lot of stress gone!!!

So the next morning...imagine my surprise when my when the scales showed me two pounds down...and on Friday another pound down.   Was stress holding me back?   

Oh my....I was only 5 pounds away from that next decade and incidentally that put me 5-6 pounds from my 10 pound goal for August 7.   Oh my word...could this actually be an attainable goal again????

Now I can't get too excited.   I didn't eat horribly this weekend. (1700 and 1800 calorie days....).but my weight was back up to those pre-low weight days weight.   Grrr.   But seeing those lower numbers gives me hope!!!!'

Our weekend was fun.   We rode our bikes.  The path/trail was muddy muddy muddy.   The first few mud puddles I carefully tried to navigate without getting dirty but as soon as I figured out it was hopeless...I just started charging through the puddles.   I was caked in mud!!!!!!

 So was Jason!!!

And our bikes.....

This picture was only half way the end you couldn't see the green logo on the bike!!!!  
We were so dirty that we actually walked into the river to clean our legs off before changing clothes.....and after we changed clothes we took our dirty clothes into the river to rinse them off (caveman style beating them against a rock....quite literally). 

Yup....I loved ever second!!!   And just think...some people pay big bucks for mud baths....I got one for free and got some exercise in at the same time!!!

We enjoyed the normal animals along our rode...squirrels, lots of butterflies, turtles and this pretty guy that wasn't at all afraid of us!!

Another fantastic weekend!