Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Should I????

My weight is up. What more can I say?

I'm just having a really rough couple days. Something came up, a personal issue that will remain un-talked about in this blog/journal. But this issue just hit me super hard. I feel as if the rug has been yanked out from under me. I just want to curl up in a ball and let the world pass me by for a bit while I recover. Unfortunately, that isn't the way that life works. I forced myself to be super productive this morning. I did two huge loads of laundry and have them out of the line, I prepared banana slices for dehydrating (they are dehydrating as we speak), I made banana muffins (no fear, I put pecans in them....I don't like nuts so no temptation there). I made a full breakfast for my honey. We went for a walk. I cleaned and vacuumed the house. I also made it to work on time at noon. And here I sit. Work is VERY slow today....I'm trying to stay busy so that I do not dwell on this issue. That's easier said than done.

Meanwhile, I'm really debating....do I try another weight watcher meeting tonight? Is it even worth my time with the way that I'm feeling? After the fiasco of a meeting that I went to last week I'm actually sorta dreading going to another meeting. (nope, not going back to the one from last week). I know that I sooo need to go to a meeting. I need to find a meeting that I can call my own and feel a part of. I need to get myself back under control. But to go when I just feel like crying??????