Monday, February 15, 2016


Noooooo!!!  The weekend can't be over yet!   I just don't think this is kosher!!!!   The weekend can't be over yet can it!    

Yeah yeah yeah...I had off today (Monday...presidents day) so it was already a long weekend!

It was a good one!   I did fairly well with eating until this evening when I was hungry and kinda went off the rails!!   

I did splurge and I had quite a few chocolate covered strawberries....part of my Valentine's Day gift.   But's strawberries!  That doesn't count as bad does it?  Shush....don't think about the chocolate....that is totally unimportant!!!  

Let's see...the weekend.   I did get some time in on the treadmill.  Only a mile...but hey that's better than nothing!

We did the audio tour of Manasses battlefield (the second battle tour).   Yeah the audio tour for this battle was way lack luster and disappointing...the other ones we have done have been great!  But oh win some you lose some!!

It was cold...only got one picture of the battlefield.  Oops

We got some snow...which turned the hour and a half drive home into...ohhh....5 hours.  Nothing major.   Ha.   I wanted to get a picture of the snow but I was focused on driving!

Weight wise?   We shall see!   In the middle of the snow and before I went home I did stop and stocked up on some  fruits and veggies....I was craving them!!! So I am set for the week...kinda!  :-)