Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have been doing great with my eating and exercise this week.  Spot on.  I went to zumba all three nights.  I took a walk on the canal with Todd (until he whined that it was too cold) and I have done my two scheduled runs (Monday and is scheduled for Friday).   Rockin' it!

The problem?  My exercise this week has been a real struggle.  HUGE struggle. I've done it.  Mondays run was OK...the front end was rough but it did even out and I felt much better toward the back end.  Zumba has been a study of perseverance....mind over matter.  But I've done it.   Last night as I was got to zumba I notice my right hip really bothering me.  I pushed through it.  Eased it down a bit, basically hoping that the movement and stretching afterward would ease it up...and honestly it did help.

I got home last night and I was WHIPPED.  I vowed to make it an easy workout day today...maybe just a walk or a light spin on my exercise bike.  However, I woke up this morning and feel like I was hit by a train.  I'm sore and achy and just plain tired.  GRRRR  So guess what?  This is a day of rest now.   Above all else this journey is about health. And that means that when my body is telling me to stop...that I stop.

The trick?   Knowing when it really is my body or if it's it my brain that is telling me to stop.  You see, my brain sends me these false signals to try to keep me from working out.  My brain doesn't like the fact that I'm so active.   I truly feel as if it is my body this time.  What indicators back it up?  I slept a lot longer than normal and struggled to get up (and only woke up because Todd was shuffling around the house making noise...and then wanted breakfast).  I body is hip back is legs are achy.  I could lay down right now and sleep.  Yeah, this is no's a rest day.

Healthy lifestyle OVER foolhardy behavior!  I want to be healthy.  That means that sometimes I need to back off.   This is not a race to the finish line.  It is a shift in thinking.  A shift in how I approach life.  I know that I'm going to be sore (it's been my constant companion of late).  But it also means recognizing when that soreness goes beyond the realm of 'normal' and to then stop and let my body recover.   What does that mean today?  It means that I go easy on exercise.  MAYBE a light walk.  MAYBE a light ride on the exercise bike...but LIGHT being the operative word.   (however right now the thought of doing one of those things makes me literally want to cry)  What else does it mean???    Eating?  Nope, that remains spot on!  No excuse for overeating!