Thursday, November 15, 2007

Core Deep thoughts

Ok, I"ll get to the deep thoughts on core. However I need to vent and rant a bit. WHen I planned to do this 'core' thing. I sat down, looked online and at my recipe books and created a menu of core foods. I found recipes that we already eat that is core...and interspersed a few new 'experiemental' meals in to the menu. So I got off work at 6PM and came home all anxious to try out the meal for tonight...which was one of the 'experimental ones'. I had even found a 'core' dessert recipe to try for this meal. Well one hour later...and YUCK! The dessert...eeewwwww. The main dish was yucky also! I called Todd into the kitchen to give him the options. I had him try the main dish....he spit it out in the garbage can! What the heck???? Ok, so we win some, and we lose some.

So...I'm trying this core thing. I firmly believe in the weight watchers program. I myself am a flex girl. I think I've known it from the get go. I never had any real desire to try the core. But you hear people that rave about it. Then you hear about people that kick start their plateaus with one or two weeks of following the core plan versus the flex plan. I've been in this weird whirlpool of weight loss and that has prompted a bunch of people to encourage me to try the core plan. SOOOOOO I did. Day one wasn't too bad. I breezed right through it. Day two wasn't too bad. Then Day three hit. This morning was nice. I had my oatmeal...and thouroughly enjoyed not measuring it out. (Deducted one flex point for my brown sugar). Lunch wasn't too bad either. I had a banana and a big salad with all the trimmin's and fixin's. Doin' good. THEN hits dinner...and the fiasco with the new recipes. So that left me foodless. Todd said he wasn't all that hungry so he made a sandwich. Uhhhh what do I eat..what do I eat. I'm a more picky eater than some. My week was carefully planned out because of that. I stood in the kitchen literally in a tailspin. I ended up eating the corn (that was the only thing edible out of the meal...the corn that I had prepared as a sidedish), jello, a small salad (oh yeah..that's the next problem...I'll save that for the next paragraph though), Butter and Jelly BREAD (ww bread...fat free butter and Jelly...yep, there goes two more points deducted from my weekly totals). I finished eating and I was literally still hungry. So I trooped back to the kitchen and had some oatmeal...yep chalk up another point for more brown sugar! I feel satisfied now. But I was literally miserable because the options were not there. I stood in the kitchen and even though I rarely eat any of teh baked tortilla chips that my husband eats, I looked at them and thought, "I can't eat those" and that made me want them. EVERY WHERE I LOOKED, I saw food that I couldn't eat (shouldn't I should say) and I wanted it!!!! I'm much more able to manage it with the flex program . I think because nothing is taboo. If I want it, I eat it. Yeah, core is the same way...but becuase I'm a picky eater to begin with, I'm using some of those 35 flex points for stuff like the brown sugar. Hmmmmm.........

OK....salads. About a month ago (give or take) I went through a HUGE salad craze. I was hungry for salad's all the time. I hadn't had salad fixin's at the house for a few weeks and it actually sounded like a good idea for my lunches (ok...picky eaters options are more limited). Well....I've eaten...and I'm already sick of salads! What to do the rest of the week! :-)

So, on day three I can pretty much garauntee that the core plan will be something that I do very rarely if ever again! I do plan on sticking it out the rest of the week. AND, I BETTER lose big like so many people claim will happen!!!!!!

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