Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me.........

I woke up this morning and I sooooo did not want to run.  I had made plans to run with my friend Paula. I laid in bed dreading it.  I secretly hoped that she would text me and cancel. I checked my phone….nothing!   I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt a twinge in my ankle.  I seriously thought about cancelling. I was hurt you know!  I checked my phone again when I laid back down.  No cancellation text.  Yeah, I can run on the foot, I can just wear an ankle brace or tape it up with KT tape, so I didn’t text to cancel.  Rain!   It was supposed to rain!  Maybe it was raining and I could be like “nope, can’t run it’s raining and it’s a cold rain” Yes, that was my excuse.  That worked until I pulled back the blinds and saw…..sunshine.  Well, then.  I guess I was running.  I wore and ankle brace for that twinge and I was off.

Ok, so my friend Paula runs at a fast pace than me.  YIKES!   When we go out running together, she is always running a few paces ahead of me.  I feel like she’s the carrot dangling before me and I’m chasing after it.  Or alternately, I’m the lead ball that she’s pulling along with her when she runs….slowing her down. 

The good news is that she runs intervals so if I can keep up (within a few feet)  she will stop to walk a bit.  That’s good, those walking segments allow me to catch my breath and continue on when it is next time to run.  It’s also good because I know that interval running helps with speed.  And heaven knows I need speed. 

I’m tired of the same story…so I’m not going to tell it.  I’m not going to talk about my eating that isn’t ‘bad’ but isn’t spot on.  Nope…just not gonna talk about it.  I meant to weigh myself this morning. (Gasp) but I forgot.  No, truly I forgot. I remembered when I was fully dressed, shoes on and walking out the door.  I plan on weighing tomorrow…pinky swear!

I’m still in my heel wearing kick.  And yes, it’s making me want to bike and run to really get the legs that the heels can show off!  J  Hopefully this upcoming weekend Todd and I can get out and ride on the canal….we are both off Friday, Saturday and Sunday to celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary.

So I leave you with some pictures......dorky ...but fun from post run this morning!  I just realized that it looks like I have no arm in that baggy sleeve was a Chicago hat day and why yes, I wore my glasses to run and why yes, I ran through a constant fog the whole time!   And of course Paula. She was talking about getting a new headband...something she can wear in the of course.  I think the pink headband may be her thing.  :-)

Last but not least I give you our stats. I chose her stats....they were nicer than my stats, even though we did run side by side he whole dang time (or rather kinda side by two paces behind)