Friday, September 28, 2007


You is really an addiction. Todd and I were leaving the gym and making our usual comment about how it seems like all of the Gold's Gyms that we go have a McDonald's right near it (next door this morning). Todd was like, "Do you want to go get a breakfast sandwhich" . He was totally joking! I answered of course with a negative. BUt then I commented about how it would taste good....but then I'd feel miserable after eating that junk. I'm totally addicted to the taste of food. We actually talked about how the addiction is the taste.....the high, while the feelings that you get after you eat poorly would be the crash...the let down....the withdrawl. Hmmmm...that really didn't clearly state what we talked about..but heck, at least the general idea is there.

I've been struggling the last few days. I've eaten my flex points...which for me, just doesn't seem to work! ARRGGHHH Why am I 'blessed' with a body that doesn't allow me to eat my flex points if I want to lose?????