Monday, April 28, 2008

The past couple weeks have been very intersting. I've struggled with my diet...but I've also come a long ways in some thinking that I think is critical. I realize that due to circumstances and situations that are way beyond my self confidence had been shattered. I felt not attractive. This is due mainly to one person...and one persons actions. I've let that one person skew how I feel about myself. Well....within the last three or four weeks I've had a few different things happen to remind me and let me know that this thinking is totally unfounded. One was the 'hot' letter that I was given by a customer here at work. Some of the others situations and occurances I'm going to leave unsaid. But, I can see a remarkable difference in how I think about myself. Thinking about my choice of clothes that I bought yesterday...I bought totally with that new feeling or confidence in mind. No, the clothes I bought are not hoochie mamma clothes. But they are 'out of the box' for me. I, MaryFran wearing a shoe that has a 3 inch heel...and enjoying it????? (once, not hoochie mamma...yeah, it's a 3 inch heel...but tis a casual shoe, if that makes's a wedge heel...more casual) I've always been known as the 'comfort' clothing girl! I'm wearing two of my new items...and I feel spectacular in them. Sexy...confident......good about myself.....ready to face the world again. The only thing that scares me.......the situation that has made me feel inferior in the past is still one that is in my life. It's on the's there, ready to raise it's ugly head and strike...dragging me down.

So far so good today. I had toast for breakfast. 1 point for two pieces of toast, smart beat zero point butter spread and a little cinanmon sugar.....we'll call it 2 points and call it a day! For lunch I packed (and ate...without nibbling on any of the plethera of food sitting in the breakroom here at work) a white chocolate cheesecake yogurt, green beans, sauerkraut ('s a zero point food that I actually like...that and green in my life), grapes and to top it off a 1 point, 100 cal pack of the chocolate hostess cakes! YUMMY! That means I've used up a whopping 5 points for today. That gives me 18 points for dinner! No...I'll probably not use 18 points for dinner. BUT, i'll probably use 12 or 13...that's what I usually end up using. :-)

Water consumption today....I'm drinking...and I'm peeing. Which tells me taht I was dehydrated. Oh well...I'll get it straightened out soon enough. Simply by continuing to chug my water (ok, I sip it throughout the day).

3pm...that's the magical time when I get off work today. Woudln't you soon as I start a project outdoors that I'm just DYING to get starts raining...and doesn't seem to want to let up! We've had inch after inch of rain this past week! And still coming down! The project....painting the outside of the house. Oh my word, it's multi colored right now. Part the old color...part the messy looking first coat of the new color. Part of the trim is done, part isn't. The whole place is just a hodgepodge of differing colors. Oh well...we'll get it done eventually. The sun will have to come out sooner or later! :-) The other thing with the rain...I want to be out jogging or riding my bike...and I'm stuck inside. I need to get my butt back into the exercise videos...and back onto my indoor exercise bike. There should be no excuse! Meanwhile....Todd doesn't want to drop the gym...but with gas prices what they are...eii yiii yiiii And since we aren't goign to town as much...because of the gas prices...that hurts our time at the gym. SOOOO it's a double edge sword. What to do..what to do. I talked to him about putting the gym on hold through the summer months when we are busy working outside. I may revisit that with him tonight. We'll have to see. Right now it just strikes me as a waste of money!

Where in the world has April gone? It's almost over! That is just hard to fathom! It seems as if just yesterday it was the beginning of the month...heck, the beginning of the year. Eii yiii yiii...will the rest of the year fly by this fast. :-)