Thursday, January 12, 2012

stress didn't get me...mindless eating did

Conquered last night.....baked and everything.  BUT, what I baked...well I dont know, my mind wasn't there and I just wasn't happy with it.  So this morning I made a batch of zucchini muffins.  I had one.  It was in my budget for the day....and I don't know what happened but I estimate that six went down the hatch!!!   Yes, I ate 6 cookies before I realized what I was doing.  ARRGGHHH   I know exactly what was going through my head.  The taste sent me into that feeling of rapture...that HIGH.  And I wanted to keep that high going.  So I kept eating.  Yup, I've been doing good facing the stress eating, but the high got me anyway.  I've looked at my food budget for the day.  Not sure how I can recover from 6 (estimate because I certainly wasn't counting) cookies.  I had already packed mostly fruits and veggies for lunch which left me about 400-500 calories for dinner.  It's hard to pare down my lunch any further as I was already pared down becuase we had a nice breakfast.  ARRRGGHHHH  

I'm not going to stress it.  Because that just perpetuates the vicious cycle.  I'm going to eat wisely the rest of the day and move on.  I did it, nothing I can do to take it moving onward.