Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Holding on!

My weight returned to my 'happy weight .   Which doesn't make me happy really.  I want my weight to go down!!!!    But that is the weight that I seek to settle at.   But no complaints....a few weeks ago I was hovering 2-3 pounds heavier!

The stress free existence after giving my resignation was  short lived.   Now that that is behind me I have commenced worrying (apparently) about my new job.   It's not so much when I'm awake.   It's when I'm sleeping.   Why yes.  I'm having dreams.   So for example....last night in my dream it was morning and I was fiddling around and working on some projects that I have ongoing in my life......and my friend Julie came over to hang out with me before I started my new job.  She could do that after all because she works for the same company....but she didn't start until 9 and I had to be there earlier.  (As a side not Julie does work for the same company but in Indiana and I will be in Maryland.). We ran to McDonald's (really?) and then settled back in to sort through some boxes of old stuff I was getting rid of.  And that's when I looked at my watch and panicked.   You see it was 8:13....I wasn't dressed for work and I had to be there at 8:15.    And that's when I woke up.   

Ive had similar dreams each night....always about the changes upcoming in my life.

So it's invading my dreams.   Just great!   I guess I'm stressed and was too dumb to realize it!!

I am still working on the 2017 miles in 2017  At the midway point of this month I had 92 miles.....for the month I need 172 miles.  So I am on track this month.  I need to accrue an extra 55 miles to catch up for the year.  So all in all I'm not doing too badly.  I'm hanging in there.....close enough that I'm nowhere near saying 'it's hopeless'.    What is saving me is the fact that we are riding our bikes 20-30 miles each week.   That is the only thing that's holding me close.  My work schedule (with the overtime) makes it harder to get my runs in.  (I still haven't purchased reflective items/lights so that I can safely run before it's fully light).   It's been hot (and Jason is whupped when he gets off work)  so we have very rarely done any evening walks.  So it really has been the biking and weekend activities that have saved me!!!!'s ok.  It has eased up a least they are more friendly with me.  I still get made to feel like a dunce because I'm not doing things the supervisors way.   I just respond with 'well you are asking me to change the way I've done something for the last ten years I've worked with the's hard to break a's not done overnight'.   And just for the's not that I'm doing anything wrong ....just different that she does it and how she was trained the end result is the same.   And I've passed through numerous audits (actually more than her since I have 8 years seniority on her) and my way and the way I was trained has been just fine with all the auditors!!   So I am just counting down!!!!   When today is over it will be exactly 2 weeks left!!!  

So that is where I'm at!   Hanging on!!!