Monday, March 25, 2013

Bird brains and defunct plans

Well, best laid plans always seem to fall apart.  I had a run scheduled for this morning....and a trip to the gym planned for tonight.  Yes, I did.  And I was determined to do it.  However, the forecasters FINALLY got the weather forecast of snow correct. (They've predicted snow every week at least once, more often than not twice and every time we dodge the bullet and get nothing).  Well, this time they got it right.  We have about 4 inches and it's still coming down.   I don't relish having a broken bone from slipping on snow and ice so I decided to forego the run. (and as for tonight, it's supposed to snow all day driving 30-40 minutes to the gym will probably be out also...yes my gym is that far away...EVERYTHING is pretty much that far away from my house)  I did go out for about 15 minutes and shovel. (that's all it took or I would have gladly shoveled longer...more exercise).  I then walked down the road for a bit and also stopped and took some pictures of the grateful birds at our bird feeder and on the surrounding trees.  I will definitely be exercising more tonight.  Todd and I are talking about a walk on the canal and I am setting a date with my step aerobic video! While the snow messed up my plans, I will admit that it is it is pretty.  The good thing?   Within a few days it is supposed to be in the upper 50's!  Dare I hope that spring is actually here for good! 
My weight, well although I'm taking my Sunday weight as my official weight.   So my official weekly weigh in is 231.1, this morning my scales showed me at 229.7.  HOT DOG!!!!!  My weight almost always drops between Sunday and Monday...go figure!...maybe I SHOULD go back to Monday weigh ins!  Ha ha matter what it does, as long as it is going down, that's all that matters!  :-)  And I'm determined to see that it DOES drop!