Friday, May 08, 2015

Rough week

Yes, I had to put my Lucy to sleep. 

I also got passed over for a job....again.

I did however go to Zumba 2 times and get three runs in.   My runs are brutal right now...the lack of consistent running and this extra weight is really doing a number on me!!!!!!

Ok....I can change this!!!  Consistency in running and lose the weight.

And surprise surprise. I find myself one week away from a 5k race and I am sooo not ready.  I'll be lucky at this point if I can do this run in less time than my longest 5k.   Why do I do this to myself? The plan right now is to get into 5k running shape. Because on the week of August 9 I have to start my 12 week training for my half marathon (which I need to register for....the Philadelphia rock and roll half!).   I have to be consistently doing 3-4 miles at the beginning of my training.    (And yes I may start slowly upping my mileage before hand if I can get there!!!!