Saturday, October 10, 2015

Purty New Shoes

I haven't been running lately.  But I have been thinking a lot about it.   I actually sucked it up and spent the $130 for a new pair of running shoes.  I'm SOOO excited.  New running shoes are AWESOME!   My new kicks are pretty too!  :-)

So I got these shoes and even though I am having some issues that would seem to make me want to not run, I am DYING to get out there and run.   Yeah, it's kinda scary to me too!

So why haven't I run??? Searing pain.  That is the name of the game right now.   Not all the time.  It's mostly just when I walk down the steps.  The first few steps are ok...but about 4-5 steps in it's pain pain pain.    This is so not good.  And NO, I haven't called this half marathon an impossibility yet.  (Who am I kidding?)   I'm hoping to get out there and run this weekend.....even if it's just a few miles.  

My eating is just CRAZY.   I'm determined that today.  Today is the day to turn this ship around.

Meanwhile, I am at work.   I ate a Belvita Breakfast bar....(soft baked banana bread...190 calories) for breakfast.  It works for me on the days that I have to work early.   I'm not sure what lunch and dinner will entail (but I am hungry).   I am leaving work at noon and I plan on doing some geocaching on my way who knows what my day will hold. At least I will see pretty things....hopefully!    The other day I saw tons of mushrooms!!!