Tips and techniques

Weight loss is an effort that can involve so many aspects of life.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming as we struggle to do what’s right for our bodies.  Many times I’ve sat back and thought. “How in the world will I ever manage to make this change.”  Or combat this issue, figure it out.    This is a page to gather those tips, ideas and techniques for successful healthy living.

Closet eating -    Tips and ideas to avoid the pitfall of binge eating when no one is looking.

Tips for getting enough water-  Tips and techniques to help get enough water

Lessons Learned -  On my 2018, 12 year blogiversary, I wrote post about lessons that I've learned over my years of weight loss

Belly Fat - A collection of advise and tips for losing belly fat

Bicycle Training-  A great post where I gleaned information from my bicycling brother in preparation for a long (long for me) bike ride/event.

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