Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Name calling

This morning was a day that I should have been out running!!!   Seriously!  I planned to do it!  It was on my list!   Instead I got this...

  Now I don't know if this picture makes any sense...so I will explain.  That is my face in the shadows of the hood.  The gray sky behind me is foreboding.  In fact in reality is was raining quite briskly whilst taking this picture.    

You can call me a wimp if you must...but it's just not a warm summer rain today.   A warm summer rain is somewhat liberating.  No..cold dreary rain.  So....I went out to breakfast instead of running. Zumba tonight...so all is not lost!!

After breakfast we hit sam's club (killing time before another store opened!   We are looking at getting a new grill.   This one is tickling our fantasy.    Hmmmm. 

Party at our house if we get it!  (Part all summer maybe cuz that thing is huge....). Yes...searing grill...reg grill area....charcoal grill.  (I think the searing is infared...if I remember correctly).  Too much grill for two people? Maybe...call me nuts if you must!!!  But then again... Hmmmm. (Not if we par-tay!!) meanwhile I'll be researching that puppy looking for reviews!!

Lucy thinks she is such a rebel...little dies she know that I leave that bowl of water in the sink for her.  Call me a crazy cat lady if you must...but Lucy is old and deserves to be spoiled in her old lady status!!