Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tuesday check in

This morning I honored my vow. I weighed before my weekend began. Todd and I treated the weekend as a holiday. I did splurge and had a piece of cake on Saturday. I didn't eat all my fruits and veggies. I drank some diet soda and not my normal water. And on Sunday on the way home from my bike ride I just started thinking about how much and how good a milkshake would taste...so I got one. It was delish! That said, I still tried to eat responsibly and of course I rode my bike on Sunday for a few hours. :-) My vow was that I would get myself back on the scale on Tuesday morning no matter what. I stepped on the scale. At my pre weekend weigh in I was 202.8. This morning I was 201.8. Not to bad! Whew. So no damage!

I hopped on the good old exercise bike this morning. I'm kicking myself now. They were calling for thunderstorms this afternoon so i didn't ride my bike to work. And of course I'm sitting here and the sun is shinning! Oh well! I plan on riding a bit more tonight....either before TBL or during the first half!

I'm pretty happy with how my body did on the bike ride on Sunday. It is definitely the longest ride that I had ever done on the road!