Thursday, July 16, 2015

Moving on

Why Monday night I hit up was a good class.   My body did fine and I feel as if I got a good workout!   

Tuesday morning I ran and it was a difficult run.   But I pushed through and didn't let myself falter.  I ran the run intervals and I walked the walk intervals.   But I knew that it was tough.  I speculated that my body only had about 12 hours recovery time from Zumba the night before, that could be the problem!

Wednesday was another Zumba class....and this morning Thursday I went running.   The 8-3 intervals proved to be my nemesis.  I have to admit I walked a few seconds here in there in my last two running intervals.   Grrr.  Makes sense though, Zumba again 12 hours before and 5 days straight of running or Zumba.   I am looking forward to my 'day of rest' tomorrow!!!

Just putting the miles on my feet....and they feel it today.  My heel (plantar fasciitis) is kicking a bit today...just a twinge thank goodness.  My ankle from this spring is achy,  my knees hurt ...ok my lower body just aches!!!!

My weight has gone down a bit from my highest weight of last week.  (Highest recent weight...I was a lot heavier years back).   For the most part I'm doing ok with my eating.   But I've had slip ups....yeah...not pretty ones.   Tuesday night I got home and I Had a need...a need for something sweet.  I raided the supply and came back with.....

Why yes, a red velvet whoopee pie.  

Why yes I ate it!    Yesterday I was just ravenous and ate breakfast, and a not so wholesome lunch, and finished it off with a veggie less dinner.   Not wise.     Trying to hold it together today.  

I'm trying!!!