Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Ok, maybe not crabby...but crab tree falls!

I have been missing....again....but missing doesn't mean I'm down and out!  I'm still tracking everything I eat.  It hasn't been exactly spectacular but I'm still tracking.  That means that I am at least still cognizant of what I am eating.   I just pulled up my last week on myfitnesspal and it wasn't all that bad.  My caloric intake for the week averaged out to be 1450 calories.   That isn't too bad.    The crazy thing?  My high days were on my long weekend away with Jason.  No, that's not the crazy part..the crazy thing is that I came back and weighed in 2 pounds lighter!  I'll take it.  We typically are pretty active on the weekends, so I'm sure that plays a big part in it!  We also drink a LOT of water.....it is easy for me to drink a lot when I see Jason drinking.  He is also very vocal about making comments when we are hiking like "Sweetheart, I haven't seen you drinking any water....are you drinking?"   OF course on our Monday hike I was the one that looked at him and said "Your not drinking a lot today...I'm way ahead of you"  So it does go both ways!  

So I'm determined to keep it on point this week.  My weekends we are hiking and moving and not only am I very active, but I am so not even thinking about food!   I am very sedentary at work and it is slower so I do have way too much time to think about food....which is not a good combination because it makes me want to snack.  

Running?  Last week I didn't run even once!  Yeah, that's not a good thing.  Life .........well it just didn't happen.  No excuses....I just plain didn't get to it even the days that I planned, it just didn't happen.  This week though...I'm hot on the trail!  Although, I did have a brief thought about waking up to run at 5AM this morning...but that didn't happen.  Maybe tonight after I spending time with Jason. (Although realistically, we will probably find a park or trail to walk on this evening so will I want to run when I get home?)

So my work week last week was just busy.  There was some stuff going on and some happenings in life that just made the week a busy one.    So when Friday 2PM rolled around and I was free for a long weekend I was READY for the weekend!

Jason and I hopped into the car and headed south.  We went to Staunton, VA.  On Saturday we hit up the Frontier Culture Museum and found a trail outfitter store a town or two away to go look at (and drool over things we would love to buy).   It was really hot and the sun was really bright.  We used sunscreen but started to feel burnt, so we retreated inside out of the heat and sun and watched movies in the cool!  We wanted to avoid any major burns so that we wouldn't ruin our other planned outdoor activities for the weekend.

On Sunday we woke up to an overcast day.  It didn't deter us.  We expored the towns near us and hit up the Besty Bell Park.  Even though it rained while we were at the park, we were fine as we were under the cover of trees.  The park sign was there so I headed up the road.  Once I started up I was committed to make it to the top.  But let me tell you...the road was HORRIBLE.  It was definitely a four wheel drive road....but I just went slow (VERY SLOW) and we made it to the top.  The overlook gave us a pretty sight.  Then we hit up what we thought was a path and headed down the hill on foot.  It turned out to be an old road that was no longer used.  We saw some really cool fungus though.   

We went back down the crazy road.  I actually popped it into neutral and drifted down (with my foot on the brack the whole way).  I think a turtle passed me as we went down!  We parked at the bottom of the park and hiked a trail on the bottom up a different hill (or maybe a different section of the hill).  The trail was well maintained on the bottom of the trail but as we ascended the trail became very overgrown....so much so that we cut back some branches and brush for the next person.  That trail didn't have any great overlook but we had fun exploring (and there was a geocache midway up so that was a good thing!)

Monday morning we awoke and were greeted by the sunshine!  YAY!   We headed to Crabtree Falls  It is the highest vertical drop waterfall east of the Mississippi River.  The hike up is gorgeous as the trail switchbacks up the mountain and takes you past the 5 major cascades of the waterfall and numerous other small cascades.   It was incredibly gorgous!  It was a good workout and a really fun day together to end our long weekend away.

It was a good weekend!!!!

So back to the grind today.   I am planning on keeping my food in line.....I am planning on running at least 2 times this week.  I am planning on kicking this weight in the behind!