Friday, September 28, 2018

Check in

Rain rain go away!   I think I’ve talked about this before!   It was another rainy week.   That seems to be par for the course now.   It really does affect everything.   I feel more wiped out and sluggish and I know it’s the weather.   It also affects my lunch time and break time walks...because I can’t get outside as easily.  And of course there is no bike riding.   It was a standard week with nothing exciting to report.  But here’s the update.

My weight is doing the same thing it has done for the past months it pops up at the beginning of the week and starts to drop at the end of the week.  I’m staying within a loose range of weight so I’m not too upset....but I would like to see it drop.  I’m not eating mad amounts of food , I am in line calorie wise and I’m not eating tons of carbs (my nemesis).   

What exercise?

Victories for the week
I’m starting to feel more balanced again with my eating.  The sweet treats and indulgences are not ruling me anymore.  (As a side more straight up restriction for me!!). I feel like I’m back in a better place in terms of my relationship with food...not perfect by any means but I feel like I’m going in the right direction again.

Struggles of the week
Exercise!  I had such grand plans and nothing materialized!!!

So other than exercise it wasn’t a bad week...a maintain and one where I worked on that relationship between food and I!!!