Thursday, January 05, 2023

Happy 17th Blogiversary

 Oh my word!  Has it really been 17 years?  It surely has!  I started this blog in January of 2006 and I have maintained it  ever since then, even if sometimes sporadically.  

This blog has been so much to me.  It was the outlet for me when I was first figuring out this weight loss thing. I was a large girl when I first started this blog!

 This blog was my salvation!  It was my random thoughts as I learned how to eat healthy.  It was my outlet as I figured out what plans and techniques to use to lose weight.  I celebrated my successes and temporary failures as I lost a LOT of weight.   I actually even lost down to my goal weight with weight watchers!

This blog walked with me hand in hand when I went through my divorce.  It followed me when I was falling in love with Zumba.  It was there when I  was running consistently.

This blog has also been there as I've regained more weight than I want to admit...but pictures don't lie!

This blog has been there through the good times and the bad times for sure!   I know most of the people that started out blogging when I did have left the scene, but I'm sticking around.   

I sometimes get so mad when I try to find something and can only find videos.  Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like to read my information sometimes!  So I wil continue to write.   PLUS, writing for me is cathartic.  It allows me to process things in my head.  It allows me to work through problems.  Plus, I have this weight to lose!!! It allows me to see things more clearly!  So here I am....ready to keep writing!  Lets make it to 20!!!! (and beyond!)