Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Weigh in day

We thoroughly enjoyed our last day at the ocean.  I went back on my last post and added in a sunrise picture...but we enjoyed the sunrise and the sound of the waves crashing below our balcony and we slowly and lazily got moving to start our last day.


It was a joy so good food day.  We had Thrasher's fries and I picked up a ham and cheese sandwich.   We walked on the boardwalk and pier and we indulged in some deep fried Twinkies.  And of course rough home Fishers Popcorn.

We left there and headed to Assateague Island.  We grabbed the bikes off the car and pedaled over to the Rackcliffe Plantation.  It was closed so we couldn't go in...but we peered in the windows. 


  After that it was up and over the bridge and onto the island.   We explored the closed state park and campground first.   When we got to the far back section of the campground we pushed our bikes over the dunes and down to the beach. 

I couldn't resist a picture of our bikes at the ocean.


Then we decided to ride out bikes down the beach to the next crossover location on the dunes.  I knew that would put us into the national park portion of Assateague.  


It was crazy fun to ride on the edge of the surf....and a crazy good workout!!! 


After a mile or two we headed back over the dunes and into the national park (no fear...walkers and riders are free anyway so we weren't cheating the government by going in the 'backdoor' without paying).  We rode around and checked out several places in that park and then headed back to the car. And saw lots of wild horses.  We got back to the car at around 4....and after loading the bikes on the car we headed for home.

All in all with my weekend miles of walking and riding I managed to get all but 4.15 of my march miles completed!!!  4.15 shouldn't be any problem considering I still had 4 days left in march when I got back from the ocean!!

Tuesday morning I pushed myself to go for my run.  I was sore from the 'mad miles we put in over the weekend'. It was a sloooow and achy 2 miles but I'm satisfied that I did them. 

So I've been running with google music lately.  I have up until the last month always had a playlist on my phone and used that.  Google music is working for me.  I sometimes hit a song or a list that I don't particularly like but it's been good.   I hear new stuff and stuff I haven't heard for years while I'm running.   I just have to stop hitting the music icon to pull up my playlists when I start running (I currently have no playlists on my phone!).    

So the big did this all affect my weight.  Yesterday I popped onto the scales and I was tickled to see that I was at 236.8.   That was where I was two weeks ago so I was happy. This morning I stepped onto the scales and I was back at that boomerang weight of 238.4.   In fairness it could be the deep fried Twinkie catching up....or the salty popcorn that I ate last night!!!!