Thursday, November 19, 2015

Well then

My final day in Philadelphia was spent finishing up a few last things that I didn't have time to do on earlier days, mostly in Colonial Williamsburg.  There were a few programs that I wanted to pick up (one at the Governor's Palace and one at the Courthouse) and somehow I had missed touring Bassett Hall.  So I headed back into the fray to do those things!

Governors Palace

Bassett Hall


 And of course I picked up a few fun angled pictures and a few pictures full of texture.  I also picked up a few geocaches!

 I drove home late Wednesday night.  Thursday was very relaxed.  I headed out to visit with a good friend in a local city/town and I did manage to pick up one or two pictures that caught my eye.

So what is the results????

Donuts and cupcakes and milkshakes....oh my!    I guess I was active enough in Philadelphia to negate the treats.   I actually lost two pounds.   Go figure.

Meanwhile I relax at home and already dread the return to work. But I'm keeping myself busy in the meantime.  :-).  I will return to hot and heavy exercise on Monday!