Monday, January 29, 2018

That’s all Folks

We had a nice quiet weekend.  It was just what we needed.  My knee is not back to 100% yet and Jason has been fighting off a cold.   When I say relaxing...I certainly mean it...I even got a nap in on Saturday afternoon.  No long hikes...just some strolls through antique stores!!!  But seriously....check out this old washing machine!!

We sat and looked at it for a while and I took pictures for my handsome appliance repair boyfriend!   

I enjoyed my weekend immensely.  I did indulge in my sweet treats.  And now that it’s Monday I’m ready to eat healthier.  The weekend relaxation of the ‘rules’ seems to be working for me!    My calorie count only jumped about 300-400 calories on the weekend days. So it’s not like I’m going totally overboard on the weekend.  And I’m super ready for the week ahead with the lower calorie goal!  

This might be my perfect balance this time around....indulge a bit on the weekend and straight up on target the week days.   The best of both worlds.  The magic balance that I need!

And I’m determined...the bike WILL be ridden this week....and the stairs WILL be climbed at work!!!

And as the old looney toons cartoon says...that’s all folks!   Nothing  overly profound today!