Thursday, May 22, 2008

Proud of me!

I held firm. I do not know my weight for today. Was it difficult to not step on the scales? Well, I took the temptation away. You see, I'm rather anal. I try to weigh myself under the same conditions each morning. Immediately upon rising, after my morning bathroom trip, before I take anything to drink and I absolutely positively weigh myself before any bite of food passes my lips. So I knew if I could 'ruin' the ideal conditions, I would not weigh myself. Thus, this morning when I woke up, I walked to the other bathroom and bypassed the master bathroom and it's scale. And of course I had breakfast before I had any need to go into that bathroom again. So that when I did go into the bathroom, there was no temptation whatsoever. Has it been easy not knowing where I am on the scales? NOOOOO it's killing me! I want to know. I had pasta last night for dinner.....did it affect me negatively. Honestly it shouldn't have. I knew I was having pasta for I watched my carbs all day...and my points...managed my eating so to speak. Yep, I'm having pasta again tonight. Last night was spaghetti...tonight is pesto . I'll grill a chicken breast for Todd. I'm not too overly enthralled with the I'd rather use my points on fruits of veggies. :-) I've managed my eating again today to accommodate for this.

The manager at work yesterday told me that they are ordering out for us tomorrow to thank us for our long work hours this week. So I'll be eating lunch here. I will have a little control. But I kinda panicked about the fact that I normally a lighter meal for lunch, I'll be eating heavier than normal and Still have to go home and cook for Todd. BUT, I finally came up with a solution. Todd is wanting me to cook some sausage that he got. I had offered to make pancakes ...but realized that we are almost out of syrup (note to self...put syrup on grocery list). He was like, No problem, you can do eggs and toast. SOOOOO since I'm not a big fan of meat....and well, eggs also. I'll be able to make his (which I'll enjoy doing for him) and then eat what I want. Sounds like a perfect plan to me. Crisis averted!

Rode the exercise bike for about 40 minutes this morning. Didn't feel like I was doing well. Clocked about 12.7 miles. So I guess I didn't do all that badly. But I definitely feel as if I could have done better. I was almost tempted to stay on and watch the next episode of my show...but then I remembered the kitchen that needed my attention (I wanted to move the microwave to a different location...where it was was just KILLING the counter space in a place that I need it most!) and some other chores completed around the house before coming to work.

ARRGGGHHH the stupid mower saga. Well, it was the chipper that was giving us problems way back when we got the two stupid machines 2 months ago. Well...after like 3 or 4 swap outs, the chipper problem is solved. I've been using the mower about once a week.....and last time clatter clatter clatter clatter, every time I lifted the blade. Todd went out the other day to check it out.....he heard the noise and saw smoke, so he turned it off. This morning, since I'm the one that has used it the most, I went out to look. Oh my word, it was smoking great big puffs of black smoke! I drove it a bit around the yard...the power is like non-existent...I could barely make it move on the flat areas...much less the sloping parts of the yard. And it clattered and clanked something fierce...with the blade up or down! DANG! What it is with our luck! This is a stinking new lawn mower! LUCKILY it is warrantied through an extended service plan for 3 years......all except stupid stuff that the operator could do to damage it and general maintenance stuff. :-) I always panic though when they come under a service plan....because oh my word...what if it's something stupid I did and I end up having to pay for the service call!!! Not to mention that the grass is growing up around my arm pits from all this blasted rain! (yeah yeah, I know...come mid summer I'll be begging for rain.....) OH yeah, and did I tell you that i ran over a part on our old mower rendering it useless until it's fixed??????? STRESS city! Take deep breathes MaryFran. Breathing in......breathing out!

Day two of the healthy habit challenge! I almost forgot to take my vitamins...but I did remember and the multi and the calcium are down the hatch! Heading into day three strong! :-)