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Over the years I have developed quite a collection of recipes.  Many of those recipes are healthy cooking and healthy, diet friendly versions of classic favorites.  My website Belief in the recipe (  is my place to collect all of those recipes. 
Almond Bars
There you will find healthy desserts such as the almond cake.  You will find the recipe for Caramelized Bananas which is a nice dessert that won't break the caloric bank!   You may even find recipes such as Fried apples which work wonderfully as a side dish or as a little sweet treat/dessert!
Fried Apples
I have healthy substitutes for some of those high calorie dishes that we all love such as French Fries or Onion Rings.
There are also recipes that are just healthy and tasty, something you may not have ever thought of such as a Summer Bean Salad or Chicken Enchiladas.

There is SOOOO much more there, that I encourage you to visit!

I have listed the calories and weight watchers points on some of these recipes with plans to add pictures and nutritional values on the recipes that are missing them!

This page is under construction and will be constantly updated even after my backlog of recipes are added.......but enjoy what is there!

Even as I encourage you to try these wonderful recipes (recipes that I constantly use for our meals!) I want to encourage you to go simplistic.  Don't forget to eat the veggies raw.  Don't forget to eat them simply steamed.  For years I resisted steaming my vegetables because it seemed so difficult.  Until I realized that I had a steamer in the closet.  Now we use it ALL the time!!!!'s almost always on the counter!

You don't need fancy items to actually cook and use your kitchen.  Buy a few basic things and step into the kitchen and enjoy the tasty bounty!

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