Recipes:  enjoy the collection of recipes listed below!   I have multiple videos of various recipes. Feel free to check them out!  

Baked Zucchini Parmesan -  my absolute favorite way of eat zucchini

Baked Portobello Parmesan -  A wonderful way to prepare a portobello mushroom.  I'm not a mushroom fan and I have made and eaten this multiple times! 

Banana Pancakes.  4 ingredient pancakes, delicious and nutritious

- Black Bean Burgers  A simple and tasty recipe for black bean burgers.  No special ingredients needed! erole-  a quick easy tasty meal for those nights when you have no time and energy. Coming soon 

Breakfast Casserole - this is hands down one of my favorite meals!!!

Broccoli and Mushroom Stir-Fry  - A healthy, low calorie stir-fry that is packed full of nutritious foods....and super delicious!   

 - Cauliflower Buffalo Bites  -  The most delicious buffalo 'meat' dish that will have you scratching you head in wonder when you realize that there is no meat involved.

Chocolate  Granola   - the perfect nutritious snack

- Depression Cake -  A delicious cake that uses limited ingredients and was formulated during the great depression.  Coming Soon

- Mexican Casserole-  a quick easy tasty meal for those nights when you have no time and energy. 

-  Pumpkin Pasta with a Creamy garlic parmesan Sauce -  The flavors of fall explode within this recipe.  It is a delicious way to utilize the abundance of squash in the fall and winter months.

Red Beans and Rice -  a quick and easy recipe for the instant potl

Roasted Broccoli - this recipe turned me from hating broccoli to loving it!!!  

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