Thursday, June 05, 2008

Settling down!

Here is a picture of a view up on my road. Would you believe that there were people that actually drove under the tree.....that was being suspended by power and phone lines??? Can we say freakin' nuts???
Here is a tree at the Antietam National Cemetery. This was actually outside the gates and I didnt' have the time to trapse through the whole cemetery. BUT, looking in it looks like they lost a bunch of trees! This tree was like many of the others around...the wind literally sheered off the top...and the weight of it falling split the base!
So, what do you do at home when you have no computer, no electricity, nothing??? I was laying on the couch reading and fell asleep. When I woke up my little Ethel Louise was sleeping on the arm of the sofa. My moving to grab the camera woke her up, but as you can see....just barely.
Things are settling down here. THe phones are still out. But the power is back on. The internet is working (cable), we have repositioned the satelite, which was pretty much ripped from it's moreings so we have tv. Uhhhmmm...what else. The yard is pretty much cleaned up. And I was able to stay within my points limits today! SO I'm back! I know that my weight may be up a bit tomorrow morning...but I'll be ok!

Crazy topsy turvy 24 hours

Well......surprisingly enough, we did make it to the gym. Felt good. I trucked it on the elliptical and then went to the treadmill to finish up my hour of cardio. I'd been on the treadmill for only a few minutes when Todd motioned for me to look at the tv. Yep, a big storm was bearing down on us. Wait, to be more specific, it was bearing down on southern Washington County where we live. We've had problems with a leak around our one door....the seal or something....when it rains really heavily.....we wanted to get home to check it since we had hoped it was fixed but we were not totally sure. So we grabbed out stuff and ran out the door. We hadn't gotten far when my cell phone rang. It was mom, she was calling to tell us that the storm was bad enough that there were tornado warnings. Mom, being a mother wanted us to come to her place and wait it out. We of course went on home. After all, our babies were in the house (not to mention the water/door issue). Well, it poured the whole way home. But it was just a pouring rain. UNTIL we got to our road. They had it blocked off....NOT a good sign. There were trees, power lines were down. It was a mess! We somehow made it home. Yes, the front door still had leaked a bit. BUT then lets be objective, 2.5 inches of rain in 20 minutes. The neighbor said that you couldn't see more than 5-10 feet because the rain was dropping that much. So, we spent the afternoon finding construction material that was blown from hither to yon. (oh yeah, we haven't found all of it yet) and using the chainsaws to cut down trees from the road, our driveway and our yard. I ate late, and i ate out for the second time that day....and then we went to mom and dad's to shower. (yes, the power is are the phone lines...AGAIN...the phone lines on our road got hit with lightening last Friday night or Saturday....and we only got phone service restored on Tuesday night.....By Wednesday mid-afternoon...GONE again!).

They haven't' declared it a tornado yet (it would have been a week one if it was.....mostly trees and power line damage....although a few houses and buildings sustained some damage. Whatever it was powerful.

So, my weight was up a bit today....only about a pound. It could be water. It could be the fact that I ate really late last night. Who knows. I had no choice but to eat a big breakfast out this morning. (well...we don't' have many choices of restaurants locally to Sharpsburg......not unless we want to drive a gazillion miles). I also couldn't exercise this morning. I didn't want to get all hot and sweaty. I already feel grungy enough without having water at our house (no power equals no water in the country). Luckily, right as I left the house this morning to come to work, the power flickered back on! WOO HOOOO!

I'm not going to worry about my weight. It just means that I will have to be super diligent from here on out to make sure that I stay on track to have my first successful week of maintenance. I WILL DO IT!