Friday, November 16, 2007

Core day 4

Ok, I'm feeling marginally better about this core thing today. I thought of a few options for lunch instead of salad that works. That eased my mind a whole lot! :-)

My lunch...I made homemade chicken salad (fat free mayo, celery, etc etc etc). I paired that with leftover corn from last night, pineapple, a kiwi and a clementine. Woah doggie, that clementine literally had 18 seeds in it!!!!! What they hey?

I'm not sure what's happening...but I think some emails that I'm sending AND receiving are disappearing out into oblivion! I have had about three people have to resend me something because I haven't received it. Go figure. Luckily my friends all know that as long as it isn't some foward, and is a real email...I respond....even if it's just to say thanks again! I don't know..but I have this thing that I don't like to be the last one to respond.

I had a nice productive morning today. I woke up and actually took an hour or so in bed to read. At 8, I mosied out to the living room (aka the workout room) and proceeded to do a workout. I had breakfast (oatmeal) ...then took pity on Todd and made him a western omelet. I made chicken salad for lunch, mixed up some jello (yeah, I always forget about jello, but I actually do like it), and put dinner in the crockpot (diet coke chicken). I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, straightened the kitchen, straightened the rest of the house, vacumned the whole house, folded and put away a load of laundry, showered, ate lunch and came to work. And here I sit. Tonight the pastor of the church that we recently started attending is coming over to talk. I'm not really looking foward to it.......Todd and I just went through this about a year an a half ago. We settled in the church, became members....became active...and then the rug was pulled out from under us. It's no fun! We tried to leave that church gracefully, without hard feelings and all that. BUT, the hurt is still there on our end. This on top of what the church that i was a member of (where my dad was a preacher) did a few years back.....not cool. BUT, Todd and I immediately tried a few churches. This one seemed to fit the best. So...tonight we get the 'home visit'.

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