Wednesday, April 02, 2008

battling this upset

Last night at my meeting (I didn' weigh in) I was talking to two of the gals that are regulars (they are both actually lifetimers now). We were talking about my issues...and how I've been stuck in the 180's for about 6-8 months now. I shared how extremely frustrated I am. I lose down to about 180, and then hit a wall. I try and get frustrated so I give up and eat poorly....and gain a little back. I lose those two pounds and hit that same 180 pound wall. I get frustrated and gain a little back.....but instead of two pounds it's three. Each time the gaining gets a little worse! Right now I'm about 8-9 pounds up from my lowest weight! That is terrible. Depressing. Right now I have no control. I am so disgusted with myself that I just want to eat and forget about it all. The gals had some comments and ideas. They are as follows.
1. SHerry thinks I need to see a doctor to have a complete workup done. She talked about how she had hit a wall and just couldn't lose weight and when she went to her doctor and they did bloodwork her hormones were out of whack...they put her on the pill and she started losing. She thinks that all this weight I've lost could have knocked my body out of whack...preventing me from losing anymore weight.
2. Janelle brought up the fact that I'm stressed because I've been spending $40 a month for weight watchers. I've been stressed about this move. Stress stress stress. Stress as we all know negatively affects weight loss.
3. Sherry suggested then that I need to go to a doctor and have a doctor sign off that my current weight is a healthy one for me. Just to have weight watchers accept the fact that this may be my weight....put me on lifetime.....and then I can stop paying. Yeah, I can lose further....but I wouldn't be stressed about paying anymore!
4. They simply encouraged me to not give up. To follow the plan becuase as they said and I even said...we KNOW it works if you follow it consistently...without giving up through the bad times!

Cindy, the receptionist, is having much the same problems that I am having. Just can't seem to get her eating under control......and that helps to know that I'm not the only one!

ON to the challenge. THe challenge is either for walking or other exercise. If we do the walking she encouraged us to pick a mileage that we wanted to aim for. If we did 'other' we could pick an amount of time to aim for as our goal. Well, since I do a combo of both, and some biking and some this and some that. I'm converting everything I do into a mileage and I'm aiming for 25 miles a week......equaling 650 miles for the grand shebang! I can do this!

Just checked Chance of precip 0% High of 57. So actually maybe a bit on the cooler side (cooler than I may have preferred) but still a pretty nice day to be outside doing manual labor. WOO HOOOOO!!!!! And just think...every hour of manual labor......worth three miles on my 'conversion' chart!