Monday, March 28, 2016

Changed fortunes

Wow....I am not even going to talk about my goals from last week.   It was ugly!   

Ok, I will still talk about it!  But let me put off that 'pain' for a while.

Thursday evening I was able to get in a walk with Sherry.  It was great to see her!    Saturday Jason and I headed up to Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Pennsylvania.  

What a pretty park!  :-)    We explored the Appalachian Trail Museum and explored around the park for a bit...and managed to get in a bit of a hike before our time ran out.  

On Sunday the wind was whipping and  it was cold!   We really were not feeling the need to go up on top of a mountain to hike.  Yeah, we have hiked in cooler temps...but the last few weeks of warm has TOTALLY spoiled us.  We spent a bit of time exploring but then went down to Gettysburg and had some fun hitting the touristy shops in Gettysburg.

Zoltar spoke to us.   Seriously...if you've seen the movie BIG how could you NOT want to have your picture taken with Zoltar!!!

Ok ok we also risked the "BIG" phenomenon (ha ha ha) and got our fortune.  Sadly, the speakers were set REALLY low and we had to get really close to hear!

And of course MY fortune.  (Yes, Jason got his own!)

So I have delayed enough......

My goals for this past week!

1.  Water    I totally  nailed this one!!!  Lots of water down the hatch each day!  The lowest day was probably only 90 ounces or so!  WIN WIN WIN

2.  Run at least 2 times    Fail....Big time fail.  No run at all!

3.  A  Track I totally nailed this.  I tracked EVERY bite!!!!

     B.  Stay within my caloric  budget   I totally failed this one!   BIG TIME FAIL!    

And it was NOT healthy food!

4.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!    Yeah...NOT 

So what is on tap for this week????     I will be busy with normal life things and I will also be busy getting ready to go to Charleston, SC.  Yes, the Cooper River Bridge Run is this upcoming Saturday!   I am woefully unprepared.  I am looking forward to seeing Sue....even if the forecast is currently calling for rain EVERY DAY!      I am however dreading not seeing Jason for a few days!!!!!   

Goals for this week? 

1.  TRACK every day
2.  TRY to make better choices in my eating to keep my calorie count lower
3.  Cut back on the Diet Soda that is slowly creeping back into my life.  
4.  Do my best with the 10k...and enjoy my time

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Eleven Miles and that's my Final Word

I am happy to announce that I made it through the end of the day on Tuesday and I didn't have any complaints about stinking after the deodorant debacle!!!!!   Whew!  I am also pleased to announce that I have remembered to wear deodorant every day since then!!!  (although I couldn't remember putting it on this morning so I had to employ the subtle lift my arm and sniff technique a few seconds ago to be able to honestly say that I remembered every day since then!)

I dropped 2 pounds this week.....down from last week's weigh in but still up from my sickly low weight!   

Running.....well I didn't run this morning.  I as just sore and a bit achy this morning.   Ok, not really muscle achy, but my feet were achy.  Yes.....much to my shame I need to admit that I COULD have run had I pushed myself.

I'm not sure why I'm achy.  Well, I know why.  I just don't know why I ended up achy this week and not after other hikes.  (Namely the hike from a week and a half ago at Colonel Denning State Park.)

Yesterday was my typical half day of work.  I had a dentist appointment right after work.  Luck was with us and Jason was able to be free shortly after my dentist appointment was over so we headed out for a hike.     We stayed somewhat local and went to the Thurston Griggs Trail....which is a feeder trail for the Appalachian Trail.  The Thurston Griggs Trail is a bit.....well it's all uphill.  This picture doesn't do the 'uphill' justice...but oh well!

We arrived at the top of the Thurston Griggs Trail and found ourselves on the Appalachian Trail.  It dumps us right at the site of one of the primitive campsites...the Pogo Campground.   We wanted to explore this area because we had read that it was the site of an old Hotel built in the 1800's for people to 'get away from the heat and humidity'.  Yes, on the side of the mountain just below the ridge line.   We wanted to see if we could find any signs of the foundations or ruins.  However, when we arrived at the Pogo campsite there was a lone woman hiker (70 years old....easy!)  with her dog heading to the spring we had just passed to grab some water.  She talked for a few minutes and then headed to the spring.   Jason's observation was that she was out hiking for a longer distance and not just a day hiker.   My observation was that she was OBVIOUSLY alone because she threw out a few times that her husband this and her husband that.  We started to explore but stopped when we saw her packs sitting off in a secluded area.  We figured it was best to move on and explore on the way back through.    Sadly enough, on the way back through we could see her walking around on a ledge a ways up the hill...but when we approached, she quietly lowered herself down out of sight for the whole time that we sat on a log to take a breather.  Oh's local to where we live...just takes a nice strenuous hike up the side of a mountain to get there!   I'm sure we will be back. 

I snapped a selfie (of course)

We left the Pogo campsite and headed up further to the ridgeline.....and black rock

It was only a mile or two  further to Annapolis Rock so we headed onward.  (and lets also just note that between Black Rock and Annapolis Rock the trail is mostly flat).  The view from Annapolis Rock is the best of the two overlooks in my humble opinion.

I talked Jason into a picture of us together.   

We turned around at Annapolis Rock and made our way back down off the mountain....arriving back at the car at dusk.   We were tired but happy.

A quick stop for dinner and then home to shower and do a little research on the Black Rock Hotel.  The pictures of the old hotel are really neat.  Let me tell you....I would stay in a hotel in that spot if there was one!  (Heck, I will probably at some point end up camping at that spot some night!)

My step tracker on my phone registered the hike and my walking at WAY high.  Typically my mileage is dead on.....I know how far I run and my mileage on my phone matches my miles run.  I am therefore a little perplexed as to how I managed to end up my day with 11.11 miles for yesterday.  The hike in all the trail guides should have been roughly 6-7 miles.  Hmmm....yes, there were a few steps at work...and going into the dentist and into dinner.   See my why I'm perplexed??   The only thing I can think of?  The trail was we weaved back and forth a bit...and we did explore some at a few different locations.  But 4 miles difference?   I have NO clue!

As I was looking at the steps, I switched it over to the year view and it is quite interesting to see.  I can trace where I was by my mileage.

You can see that in June and Julie I was high.....I was training for the half marathon.   October was low as I recovered.  November was higher not from running or hiking but because of vacation where I was consistently knocking out 7-10 miles of walking each and every day!  December I started to pick up with the hiking.....January was COLD...and I've been hiking more and more each week since then.  Just a neat history.....all with one line.  :-)

So I haven't run a step......that may be a fail this week!   But will it really be a fail when I hiked eleven miles (half uphill?)   Hey, my phone says 11...phones don't lie!!!!  Ok ok ok...I'll back it down to 10 since some of that was me walking into a food establishment and into the dentist office!  

Up next????  A walk with Sherry after work tonight!  (Hmmm...I better confirm that here shortly!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

To Stink or Not to Stink...That is the Question!

Running this morning?   That was the plan.   But it just wasn't happening.   My stomach was NOT right.    I contemplated the run.  I really did.  To reach my goals I really should have run this morning.  Due to schedules of course. (Work and prior obligations.)  But my stomach was just not feeling it.   In hindsight, it was the best decision, stomach aches and trips to the bathroom really don't mix well with a run!

I ate Chinese food LATE last night (9:30 or 10PM).  I ate too much Chinese food last night!

 I also barely got my minimum water consumption in.  I did it.   But barely!  What is my minimum for my projected water consumption?   I am aiming for at LEAST 64 ounces....but I've been getting closer to 120 ounces daily)

Scales were friendly to me this morning though.....We shall see....we shall see!

Meanwhile....I am sitting in that weird clothing size abyss between women's sizes and regular (non fat) sizes.   A size 16W is loose and baggy....a size 16 (not women's) is tight.   It's amazing how much of a difference the W makes on a clothing tag.  Just a few pounds more of weight loss and I will be out of the W's  and into regular size clothing ALL the time.   Just a few pounds more and I will be pulling out the bins of clothes that I have in storage.....a whole new wardrobe!  How fun!   

And as a side note....I forgot to put on deodorant this morning.  Really?   How in the world does one forget that????   So should I keep my arms extended at a 90 degree angle from my body to avoid any sweating and heat?   Or should I keep my arms plastered to my side to avoid any heated underarm smell from escaping?  What to do...what to do.  (I do think taking a walk on my lunch break may not be wise with this little issue though!)

No major epiphanies today....just plodding along with trying to turn this ship around after last week's experience of  eating junk and overage in my calories.   

Monday, March 21, 2016


I don't want to write this today.  I've delayed doing it.  I've contemplated NOT writing today.  Because we all know....if we don't write it then it didn't happen right? 

Soooo lets back track.  Last Wednesday I wrote  about running and how I persevered through running on Tuesday but then even though I walked 6 miles that day.   I also talked about my food intake that day and how I ate too much food.   GRRR

 I DID get up and run Thursday morning and ran!!!

However, otherwise, it didn't get better.   Food wise I skirted with disaster!   I was over my 1200 calorie goal EVERY  day.  One day I only missed it by 50 that was a victory.  Two days I was in the 1300 not too bad on those.   Some of those days I ate least ran or hiked.  However......the weather turned and well.......   Ok, so here are the week stats.  The one on the left is the TOTAL calories.  The screenshot on the right is the net calories including what I earned.  

I have been doing GREAT with pounding the water.  My water intake has been spectacular of late!!!  I've been consistently going over 100 ounces daily!

So as for my goals that I set last Monday.  

1.  Water             TOTAL VICTORY!!!!
2.  Run at least 2 times (preferably 3!)    Definitely got two runs in!!   VICTORY!!!
3.  A  Track  I tracked EVERY BITE
     B.  Stay within my caloric  budget (not eating too many of my earned calories!)   FAIL
4.  Hike and walk.   Yes, got this one much as schedule and weather allowed
5.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!   FAIL

You know...the goals for next week are going to be the same.   I will be taking hiking off the list.  Not because I don't want to hike/walk or don't plan on hiking/walking...but that one is dependent upon the weather, scheduling and whatnot.  

1.  Water             
2.  Run at least 2 times    
3.  A  Track  
     B.  Stay within my caloric  budget 
4.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!  

Better luck this week!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ups and downs

My bodies current happy weight is NOT making me happy.   Yes, I'm right back to where I was before I got sick.  Really?   

Ok, I totally fell off the horse yesterday with my eating.   It started with lunch.  I had packed my lunch but when they suggested going out to lunch, I totally caved.  I usually do really god with saying no.  Yesterday I just ...well......I fell apart!  I looked at my calories and knew that I still had room for a decent dinner.  No worries!    But then dinner....I ordered a turkey wrap and ate the homemade potato chips that came with it.  Not too bad.   But somehow I managed to eat the leftover mac-n-cheese when I got home.  I didn't need it!   Furthermore, I felt miserable and bloated after eating it!   So 1800 calories for the day.   

The only redeeming factor about yesterday?   Jason and I met up and walked on the canal.  6 miles of walking.  It was on the canal so it was an easy walk.  But I still put the miles on my legs!   With the earned calories I was still under my goal.  HOWEVER, I have never been one to lose weight when I eat my earned calories.   Yes, this makes me so sad! 

Where did we walk?   ON the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in Williamsport, MD ...

I had to giggle though.  I got home last night and my legs were SORE after our walk.  Yes, my legs were sore after our walk on the FLAT canal.  More sore than they were last Saturday on the hike from hell. (Ok it couldn't have been too hellish since we are planning to do it again!)  

I went to bed last night...determined to run my first four mile run of the week in the morning.   I typically wake up at around 6 so I knew I would have plenty of time to make it out the door by 7 for my run...which would give me plenty of time to come home, eat breakfast, shower and leave for work.    I woke up at 7:19.  Uhhh, yeah, that's a bit late in the grand scheme of having the time to get my stuff done.  

I am proud to say that I didn't hesitate.  I bounded out of bed and threw on running clothes quick as a wink.  And I was out the door right around 7:30.  I was very proud of myself!  Not only did I get out there....I didn't allow myself to be talked out of 4 miles.   Not only did I complete the 4 miles but when I got home I was only at I ran down the block to finish out the COMPLETE 4 miles!

Why yes....I did get faster!!!!!

There are a few problems though.

I like that hour in the morning before heading out to run for a few reasons.  

***My arthritis and my kinks and aches need a little bit of time to work their way out!  I didn't have that luxury today!

***My body works on a schedule....I need that time in the morning to let my body complete it's normal morning routine/tasks.   That didn't happen today.  Thus at around mile 3 my stomach was HURTING!

Either was a victory!   

Monday, March 14, 2016

Queen of the Mountain

Well another weekend is done.  BOOO!   Moving onward!   

My weekend was fun!  However, aren't they all?

On Saturday Jason and I headed to Colonal Denning State Park in Pennyslvania. Jason suggested the park and we both did a little research before hand.   Separately we both stumbled upon information for a specific trail leading to Flat Rock Vista/Overlook.   Jason found it because an online trail guide talked about the beauty.  I found it based on a geocache that is hidden near the overlook.  Combine an amazing view with the promise of a geocache and that was the trail we decided to do.   We talked before heading for the park that the trail was listed as more difficult....ok it's listed as Strenuous.  But seriously.....'we are tough'  we can handle it!  So off we went!

We quickly found the park and the parking lot at the trail head for the ascent to Flat Rock.  Of course the sign denoting the difficulty of the trail was posted (showing strenuous/difficult of course).  Jason pointed to the sign and jokingly remarked that the sign should just say 'welcome to hell'.  We chuckled and off we went!

Uhhh yeah we hadn't gone long when the comment was made "yes, it's hell"!!   It was steep.  It was rocky steep.....navigating the trail was a puzzle as we constantly searched to find the best footing  among the large boulders, the smaller rocks, the loose rocks/stones and the piles of leaves.   There were no switchbacks to make the ascent easier.  It was pretty much some areas were the ascent was a  bit too steep to navigate safely, they made steep steps....but otherwise it was just up (well steps are up too....and just as difficult because they were not a low rise step ha ha ha).    We laughed about the mountain to the left of us being where we would end up.  We were wrong.   We did climb that mountain.....but when we  reached the crest of that mountain and then descended a bit before heading back up to another ridge ...then back down a ways to where the overlook was located.   Was it worth it????   YES.......  ABSOLUTELY!

We searched for that stinkin' geocache and could not find it!   GRRRR  After a long search in the woods....we headed back down the mountain.    Somehow in the search for the geocache I dropped my top layer/sweatshirt that had been tied around my waist.   Luckily I figured it out maybe only 500 feet back the trail (which is bad enough) so back up I went.  I found the sweatshirt and we headed back down.   Going down was just as difficult.  It was easier in terms of cardio...but it was still pretty tough.  

Will I do this trail again? we were going up we made the comment, "Who in their right mind would do this more than once?"  On the way back down however, we were talking about consistency with hiking....and how if we continue to hike at least weekly that we would probably zoom up the mountain like it was nothing.  SOOOO, before we got back to the car we have decided to do the hike again....this fall.  Furthermore, it has somehow turned into a challenge....first to the overlook wins. (I don't know what the winner gets...we didn't get that far!   So a race up and a leisurely walk down together!)   Besides I still have to find that geocache since I didn't have any luck!  (I forgot to take my lucky pen!  Lately, if I don't have my lucky purple pen it seems as if I don't find the cache!  But if the pen is with me, I find the cache!)   

Sunday was sadly rainy and icky.  We had a nice laid back kind of day.  We did some geocaching.  We took a longdrive.  We hit up a few stores.   And we stopped by the James Buchanan Birthplace State Park   I always wanted to go in.  It's just a tiny little park...but a really neat and pretty area.  I wasn't overly impressed with the monument but oh well.   

So how did my legs fare after the hike on Saturday?   On Saturday night I was standing somewhere and I could feel the muscles in my legs quivering a bit. Not really hurting, I could just feel them.   But that passed and Sunday I had NO ill effects!   

I  didn't weigh myself this morning.  Tomorrow hopefully!!

Last week on Monday I set some goals in my blog post.    They were relatively simple...

1.  RUN  on Tuesday and Thursday
2.  TRACK (my food)!    And Stay within Budget
3.  HIKE 
4.  WATER ---chug a lug!

I am happy to announce that I ran on Tuesday and Thursday!  Both days were over three miles.   They were slow but I did it!

I tracked every bite of my that continues to be a victory!   However, I was over budget a bit on a few days.

This is the total calories

This is net when you add in my exercise/activity!

SO not exactly a victory but really in the grand scheme of things not too bad!!!!

Hike.... Check and easy on Wednesday and the  killer on Saturday

Water......I struggled at the beginning of the week but by the end of the week I was chugging over 120 ounces of water daily!

I'm going to call it a victory with last weeks goals.

This week?   Pretty much more of the same.

1.  Water
2.  Run at least 2 times (preferably 3!)
3.  Track and stay within my caloric  budget (not eating too many of my earned calories!)
4.  Hike and walk.
5.  Use the stair stepper at least ONCE!  Right now my cat is the one that uses it....ok, maybe not 'use' but she sits on it!

So this weeks goals are nothing too fancy and exciting...just living a good healthy lifestyle.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tri Colored foam where are you??????

arrrgggghhhh     Stupid scales.   Yes, I was up.  I figured I would be.  I had assumed that some of my weight loss from last week was due to 'fever weight loss'  I had been hoping to hang onto some of it....and it had looked like I had managed to hang onto most of it.  But then my official weigh in....grrrr  nope!  I was still down about two pounds from the previous weigh in....but still up from last week.  No worries......I know that some of it is the monthly water retention dealio.

Meanwhile.  As I mentioned, I ran on Tuesday!  Go me!

Wednesday I was only scheduled to work until noon.  I hooked up with my friend for lunch and then headed to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

where I walked a few miles and enjoyed the AWESOME weather!

It felt so good to get outside in this wonderful weather!  I was and am so over winter weather that these days of fabulous upper 70's temps has been very welcome!    I can start to see the green new growth popping up here and there and it excites me quite a bit!!!!!

After my long walk, I headed to the car wash.  My car was DIRTY.  I was so disappointed.  They are supposed to have tri colored foam.  This is NOT tri colored foam! The lack of the tri colored foam makes me want to cry!!!!!     But at least my car is clean!

See, this is how it is SUPPOSED to look!!!

A few errands/stops at stores later and I was home for the afternoon/ evening.   I had eaten a large lunch and actually blown quite a few calories on lunch so I kept my dinner lower on the calorie count.   I was a bit high on my calorie count...coming in at a total of 1504 calories.  But I am counting it a victory because I SOOOOO wanted something sweet after my lower calorie dinner.     It wasn't that I was hungry...I just wanted!   I ignored that sweet tooths call and guess what?   I was fine!  (and lets not forget that I was out walking and moving for a few if I include my earned calories I was still under goal!) 

I woke up was  Thursday and if I remember correctly, on Monday I wrote a blog post and set a few goals for my week. of those goals was to run at least twice....once on Tuesday (check)  and one on Thursday.    Yup....even though I had an offer to go to breakfast I remembered that goal and I said no to breakfast and strapped myself into my running shoes and off I went!   I actually ran slower than Tuesday.  Go figure.  I wonder why?   Who knows... I did feel like I was a turtle running through peanut butter.   So, I knew I was slow even while I was running!  Oh well....who cares.  I was out there working it!    Slow is 100% better than laying in bed thinking about running.   Slow is 150% better than indulging in a fattening breakfast!   Slow is a victory!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                  Meanwhile, my poor little toe's the 'little piggy that had none' on my right side.  (yeah, think about the nursery rhyme and then you will know which toe I mangled up!)  This little toe is black and blue and swollen.  It's feeling a bit better and the swelling is going down.  Yeah, maybe that affected my run today.  That and my right hip has been aching a bit lately.  I haven't been sure what is up with my hip...I was originally thinking it was just arthritis.....but the other week Jason massaged it and now I'm thinking now that it is muscular in nature. (What makes me think that?  Just how the pain in my hip was intense for the first few minutes as he massaged...but then eased up and felt wonderful for a bit until it stiffened up again)  Hmmmm  maybe I need to research stretches to work that area and stretch it out really good.  

So I am thus far on track with my goals for the week....well the water is so so.  I'll have to work on that one!  :-)

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Perfectly Imperfect

It really is amazing how much writing down your goals and letting the world know those goals keeps us on track!   I woke up this morning.  I KNEW that I had told the world that I was going to run on Tuesday morning. was Tuesday morning.    I wanted to skip it!  I wanted to skip it soooo bad!   But I knew that I had told the world so I crawled out of bed to go out for my run.   Peer pressure really does work I guess!

Immediately I ran into an issue.  Literally!   I was walking and rammed my toe into my stair stepper exerciser.  OUCHY!   It hurt and I will admit that I had a momentary thought of skipping my run because my toe HURT.  I didn't though.   I've had a horrible run of bad luck with running and injuries. Every time I try to step back into running it seems as if something happens. Pneumonia, sprained ankle, snow storms,  blisters, demon flu......yeah, it's been crazy.    I wasn't letting a little toe pain stop me today. Off I went.

Some days when I run I have some amazingly deep thoughts.  Today was one of those days.  The last few days or so (maybe weeks) I've ran across a few different blogs where the author is writing about running.  (yeah, I can't remember which blogs right off the top of my head...sorry! If I had known I was going to have an epiphany I would have made a list of whose blogs so I could tag!)   In all of these the post has some mention the fact that it doesn't matter your speed....or how you look.  If at any point both of your feet are off of the ground, then you are running. It doesn't matter how slowly or how fast.  It's running.  Not wogging.  Not anything other than running.    These blog posts came back to me while I was running this morning.

I have long put myself down for my slow running speed. I hesitate to call myself a runner...because I'm SLOOOOW.  Today it hit me....why yes, at one point in each stride, both of my feet ARE off of the ground.  I am therefore running.    I tried to down play my efforts...but today I realized that what I'm out there doing is EXACTLY perfect.   It is exactly perfect for where I am in my life.   Would I like to be faster?   Of course!   But where I am at right now with my running is absolutely perfect for me....right now.

So this morning, I had a perfectly imperfect run.

My lips were chapped and dry the whole time!   Perfectly imperfect!  (Although I have a date tonight with Jason....I'm laying on the Chapstick heavy so my lips are 'kissable'.  Hahaha.)

I did hurt my toe before the run.  Why yes, it did throb while I ran.   But it was perfectly imperfect!!

My nose ran like a faucet on my run.  Perfectly imperfect!

I ran slow.....and why yes, I did walk for a few minutes smack dab in the middle of my run today.  Perfect imperfect!

It may have been an imperfect run......but it was PERFECT for me today...right now...where I am at today!

Monday, March 07, 2016


I'm not feeling too hopeful for this weeks weigh in.   I believe last week I was on a "sick low" when I weighed in.   A weigh in skewed by fever!   I know that toward the end of the week I was about 2 pounds higher.  I'm still tickled with that weight's lower than it has been!    

So how could I label last week?    Lots of different ways.  Different titles for last week could include:

Continually Tired
Never Ending Cough
Come again...and again....and again fever
I miss that Man
I think I can....make it through a work day
Keeping the Pharmaceutical Companies afloat

Yes, that was one nasty bug that I somehow contracted!  Last week was LONG.   I was tired, exhausted really.  I slept long hours but that cough and fever knocked me for a loop.   The medicine just didn't seem to help.....and I tried different concoctions and potions.  I'm like my own little pharmacy.  (I'm still taking Mucinex D trying to keep the chest congestion from settling into Bronchitis or that even possible?) 

I did make it to work after a day or two, but those first days back were a example of willpower as I struggled to make it through the workday.  

The worst part of the week?  Jason and I were both sick....apart from each other and that made the week seem SOOO long to not see him!

So I did make it through the week of being sick. (Love sick too since I couldn't see my sweetheart! ha ha ha)

The victory for being sick??????  I tracked ALL of my food!   Every bite!  Every morsel!  EVERYTHING!   

The weekend FINALLY Arrived.  And luckily, I wasn't feeling 'too bad' on Friday.   But I still took it easy!  There is no way that I want this illness to rear it's ugly head again!

Jason and I hooked up on Saturday early afternoon and headed down to Rockville.   The reason?    After the hike the previous weekend, I knew I was going to be investing in new hiking boots.  Rockville is the location of the closest REI store.   I tried on pair after pair of boots.  I could FEEL my feet slipping in the shoes.  One pair were so heavy I felt like I had lead weights on my feet! 

 I finally did settle on a pair.   I settled on a pair of Salomon hiking boots. I was originally looking at a pair of mid ankle boots....but ended up going with more of a backpacking boot....with a higher ankle support.  It feels good on my ankles (that roll quite frequently) and it helps keep my feet more firmly strapped up in the shoe....more secure and more support.  

Jason and I made our way back to Hagerstown and we parted company relatively early...we each had family functions/dinners that we wanted to attend.

On Sunday I lounged around a bit in the morning, I hit up Panera Bread with my parents, Brother and nephews for lunch and then Jason and I headed out together.   I had put on my new hiking boots when I left the house. I know that the more I wear them, the better it will be when I actually hit a trail.  Jason and I are both still recovering though, so we went to the City park to simply walk.  It was perfect...nothing too strenuous but still a bit active.   We circled the park a few times and managed to rack up 5 miles.   

I also managed to pick up a geocache that I had for some reason never gotten at the park.

And I saw the wonderful texture of this box along the railroad track.   

So the verdict on the new boots????????    My heels feel WONDERFUL!   (thus far at least)   The sides of my feet have some hot spots and slight bistering though!   (Really??????   GRRRRR   Jason says it just proves how unique I really am!!!!  ha ha ha) I am hoping that it is just a 'breaking in of the boots' feeling and that my feet will toughen up and all will be well.  The hot spots are kinda where this picture is marked....

If not.....back to REI I will go and we will try another pair of boots.  No biggie (that's partly why I purchased them at  REI.....because of their wonderful no question asked return policy!)

So that brings me to Monday.  Back to the grind!    What are my plans and goals for the week ahead of me????

1.  RUN

       I plan on attempting to run at least 2-3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday morning.   I have 3.5 weeks until            the Cooper River Bridge Run......I am TOTALLY not trained and ready for this....but I have 3.5 weeks!  

     I was running 2-3 miles the weeks before I blistered if I can run 3 miles a few times this week, I             SHOULD be able to add one mile each week and be ready to run 6....or at least interval run 6 on April 2!

2.  TRACK (my food)!    
     Ok, not even just track my food...but keep my caloric intake as close to the goal of 1200 calories.

3.  HIKE 

      On Wednesday I get off work at noon.   I have plans for right after work, but I am hoping to get out at some       point to get a hike in.  (Might I also mention that the weather is supposed to be in the 70's on Wednesday!)

4.  WATER 

      Drink drink drink!