Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Curb the Carbs

I am still super detemined to make this next 6 months the turning point, the fix it time.  I don't know if I'll be able to enact enough change to pull everything out and to turn things around, but golly gee, I certainly want to try!

I lost 2.5 pounds last week.  I'm struggling thus far this week.  I'm relatively ok with my actual 'budget' (calories/points whatever you want to call my tracking system).  Yesterday I thought I was going to be over with my points, but I was just perfect.  Today, i'll be 4-5 points over.  My problem?   Lots and lots of carbs.  I need to curb the carbs.  I know that it's the 'comfort food' quest.  I've been down...really down and with that comes the desire to eat things that make me feel good...makes me feel better. Food is my friend. What can I say.  I'm trying to combate it though.  Overcome.

I have two pretty large goals and motivational things coming up this year.  The first of course is running a 5K and not being hte last one (in my age bracket) across the finish line.  I've tenatively set the July 4th run (in Williamsport, MD...The Freedom Run) as my projected 5K date.  So I'm working on training for that.  I'm slow as molasses right now, but I have almost three months to better myself. 

The other big one?   Todd and I have a vacation in August.  We plan on doing a through bike trip on the canal.  That is 184 miles in 3 days.  We've done 40-45 miles in one day before...that would be our biggest rides, and when we did those ride, we weren't wiped out and dead the next day either.  So it's just a thing of getting back to that point.  I always said that if I did a through trip that I would want to stay in hotels each night...but for some crazy reason...I've agreed to camp the two nights on the canal.  Ohhh joy!   The tenative plan is to go to Cumberland one day.(heres hoping my parents will drive us up...in our car if they so desire)..stay overnight in cumberland (at a hotel) and then leave early to head down the towpath.  Two nights at hiker bikers....arrive in Georgetown and stay overnight down there...and be picked up down there the next day.  :-) (once again, at the mercy of someone picking us up...although we have talked about back up plans to get there and back) So that is a huge thing...and to do so, I've got to get on my bike and RIDE!