Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bucket List

1.   Run a 5K (and not be the last one coming across the finish line)
2.   Ride another quarter century on my bike (at an event)
3.   Ride a half century on my bike (at an event)
4.   Ride a full century on my bike (at an event)
5.   Complete a triathlon
6.   return to my goal weight
7.   publish my writing
8.   vacation in germany
9.   have a baby
10. write a novel
11. Photography- expand my knowledge to fully understand and be able to shoot productively in all situations.
12.  Find an illustrator for the "cats on the Canal" childrens book
13.  Publish my "cats on the canal" childrens book
14.  Photography - enter contests
15.  Photography -WIN a contest
16.  Piano- return my skills to the point that I can pick up almost any book and play from sight
17.  Return to Florida...specifically Brooksville and Tampa....for a visit down memory lane

This will be a work in progress as I expand and change the list as time goes by!


This morning I got outside...started to walk and just wanted to move I started to jog.  I jogged one song and walked one.  And I thought.  I thought about the fact that running a 5k is always something that I've had in the the back of my mind to do.......and that brought some other things up that I want to do.  And right then and there I decided to write my list of  'to do' things down and take pride as I work toward them.    I'm a total list maker.  Part of the attraction is to have a list that I can visualize and remember what my goals are.  The other thing....the sense of accomplishment at the completion of an item is HUGE!

So I'm back on track...and feel STRONG today.  I can do this!