Monday, July 15, 2013

Start the wheels turning again

Momentum.  I had momentum.  I was gung ho to get this weight off.  I had the momentum of a really good exercise routine on my side.  I had the ball rolling in the right direction and life was going great.
Then I hit a speed bump.   The first speed bump was the pain in my foot. I continued on for a day or two after the pain began, but eventually stopped until I found out what was happening.   My  momentum was altered.  I went to the doctor and decided that for the sake of healing that I would use the elliptical and ride my bike as my forms of exercise.  I started to rebuild my momentum.  I was rolling along (literally hahaha).   And then out of the blue I got hit with another speed bump. The second speed bump was in the form of being sick.   It knocked me out of commission and it took me a while to get back on my feet.  
I was well enough to ride this past weekend.  However, my momentum is gone.  I didn’t ride.  I didn’t make it to the gym to use the elliptical.  I didn’t…I didn’t….I didn’t.  BAD, I know!   I swore that I would get up and ride early this morning.  Did I?   NO.   Not good. 
When the ball is rolling it’s a great thing. The momentum carries you along even when you aren’t feeling it.  But when that momentum comes to a grinding halt it takes a whole bunch to get it moving again.   I’m pushing my shoulder against that big boulder right now trying to get it moving.   I NEED to get it moving for a few reasons.  Number one, exercise is healthy and will help me with my weight loss efforts.  Secondly, I need it for my emotional well being.  Exercise has been a stress reliever….it has a calming effect on my emotions.  I NEED that right now.