Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow snow go away!!!

Lets talk about the life events first....I'll get to the healthy stuff at the end! (Ok, healthy stuff will be interspersed through the whole thing I guess because losing weight and trying to move to a healthy lifestyle IS part of life and has to be incorporated....)    

Snow......arrrggghhh!!!   I don't want this!  They are calling for a mega snow event in my area this weekend.  I do NOT want it!  Take it back!   Send it somewhere else!   

As we get closer they are predicting somewhere between 1 and 2 feet.

It's not that I mind being snowed in for a day or two.  I'm working on a to do list of things to occupy myself while I'm sequestered at my house. (Ultra important things like organizing my file cabinets!)   It is the fact that I am going to be stuck there and it ruins the chances of me doing what I WANT to be doing. First, I had to cancel and reschedule a breakfast date with two friends.  Yes, Saturday morning I was supposed to meet with two gals I used to work with and while we are meeting in my town, they each have a 30 -45  minute drive to get to my town (one is north of me and the other south...I'm smack dab in the middle)  We have already rescheduled the breakfast girl gossip/chat date, so while I'm disappointed that it's being cancelled; it is going to still happen, just a little delayed.    But that doesn't make me feel ok about this snow. OK OK OK, let me admit what the real problem is.... I probably won't get to see Jason this week because of the snow.  Hey, this is a HUGE deal to me...and to him (yes, he's talked about it too!).   Yes, we are to that point in our relationship where we don't like to go without seeing each other for too long.

We have talked...we live 4 miles apart.....but the midway point (one route) is right near a Dunkin Donuts (drat...more donuts) and a Burger King (double drat...that's bad too!)....wait...and a Chinese Restaurant (triple drat.....sodium city!)....and wow....a repeat of what I ate bad last weekend!!!!    So we have jokingly laughed about walking to the midway point.  (That is if he doesn't intentionally go stay with his parents and get snowed in there in order to help his parents clear the driveway and walks...which he has talked about doing.)   That would be good exercise....but not sure it is a valid option that we will actually utilize though...but we have actually vocalized and laughed about it.   Because seriously....a two mile walk in a foot or two of snow is reasonable right?????

Either way, I am trying to be positive about this pending blizzard. 

***Positive that it will be over as fast as possible. (So I can go collect a hug and a kiss!) 

*** Positive that the weather will be in the 40's next week with no chance of snow...meaning that any lingering snow removal and after affects of the snow will rapidly disappear. (Hey, that's the forecast!)  

 ***Positive that at least I will be getting a lot of exercise as I shovel us out!  (Shovel in eye on my niece and nephews to ward off any incoming snowballs...either way, I'll be moving!)

***Positively glad that this is my weekend off so I don't have to sit back and worry about driving to work or getting home from work if I'm there while it gets bad!  (Jason has repeatedly talked about this as a positive, even though he also laments about the non-MF weekend in his cards)

***Positive that spring is right around the corner!  (Wishful thinking.........fervent prayer.......)

Food yesterday?  I was right at 1300 calories.  I aim for 1200 but consider anything within 100 calories right on I did well.   It was difficult.  I grabbed food at home before I hooked up with Jason last night and I was SOOOO tempted to get a drink/smoothie that had calories while we were out.  I stuck with water though!   I had already hit the 'complete entry' tab on myfitnesspal...I didn't want to go back and have to correct...and I already knew I was at the upper limit of my calories for the day.  So water it was!   Yes, I ate more carbs than I should have...but lets get the calories in line first and then I will work on dropping the carbs!   Baby steps!

The water is going well!  I am consistently getting in at least 'close' to 64 ounces of water.  Most days over that amount.  I still use my trusty water jug for work days. 

On the weekends I tend to go toward bottled water as I'm usually out and about and it is just more handy.  My weekends with water consumption have been easier than before because Jason pounds the's easier to remember to do when someone else around you is drinking a river dry also!

And back to the snow.....Seriously?  I need to move back to Florida!