Wednesday, August 28, 2019

That weekend wiped me out

We had a busy busy weekend.  I almost had to go to work to relax and get some rest. Ok, not really!   But it was crazy busy!

Saturday we woke up and we didn’t fiddle around much.   We headed out early to hit all of our stores and do the errands.  (We hit three different grocery stores and one farm stand). We were done all of that by 9:30 and we were ready to roll shortly after that.   

Roll?  Well a bike ride of course!   We headed out toward the same park we had been to the previous week.  We were delighted with the weather....low 80°s and low humidity!!   Awesome!   We wanted to tackle the same trail that we had been on the previous week. And of course I wanted to try the ‘Hill’ that I call my nemesis....I will make it up this hill one day!!

We headed to my nemesis first.  I felt strong.  I was ready.  I did horrible!  Barely a few feet further than my very first attempt!   What the.....?  We retreated and started toward the trail we were planning to ride.  We started to talk about what I was doing and how to correct it.   Before I knew it we had turned around and we’re heading back toward my nemesis for a second attempt.  Not quite a total victory....but not a colossal failure.  I made it about 25 feet further than my previous best.   Slowly but surely I’ll get it!!!!

This time when we left the hill we didn’t go back...and it was time for the trail.   My legs felt strong.  I didn’t feel run down.  Sure, I had to walk my bike up a few hills.  (Seriously, how can they label this one trail as is’s an has roots and rocks and all sorts of obstacles....I try it...but thus far I have had to always stop to walk!). But even in those places I had to walk, I felt strong.  

The problem?  I was riding sloppy.  Ok maybe it wasn’t me....maybe it was the slight dampness of the trail.  But I had a few near misses.  Most notably when I started to go down and was saved by....a thorny bush.  Luckily the thorn bush was quite thick and dense and it slowed my descent down enough that I was able to get my feet down and stop myself from a total fall.  There were a few other instances...but each time I merrily got back  on my bike and started riding again!

I seriously was feeling so good that as we headed back toward the car, I decided to add another trail!  I did it...safely.  But, that extra trail threw me into the ‘I’m wiped out’ category!   

We got home and it was still early afternoon.  So we showered and headed downtown to walk.  We stopped in some stores and just enjoyed ourselves. I’m sure the walking was a good way to stretch our legs after our ride...but by the time we had done that for a few hours I was absolute toast!  Done.  Finished.  A complete pile of mush!

I woke up on Sunday...I immediately knew I was still struggling with that feeling of being wiped out.  I had totally overdone it on Saturday.  Luckily, we had plans to see family (Jason’s family) to have a belated birthday celebration.  We also stopped to see my family for a bit.  Even with that low key day...I was so tired by the evening that I could barely function!

I guess that is the epitome of a great weekend...when your activities are so fun and awesome that you know you couldn’t have done one more thing!!!  All in all, it was a great weekend...and an active one! What could be better, we had fun and still worked on my weight loss goals.   A double win!!!   I couldn’t have asked for anything better!!