Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Open close

One chapter of my life is closed and a new one has opened.

What ended?  My time as a bank teller. 

  What began?   My new job.   (Sorry...no picture!).  

Last Wednesday was my last day at the bank. I spent Thursday and Friday running errands and doing all sorts of those little activities that just pile up and take time to do...I washed my quilt, got an oil change, did some shopping, purged some stuff from storage!  All in all it was extremely productive. (And expensive as my ignition on my car died....yikes!)

We spent a relaxing weekend hanging out...riding our bikes and then cleaning our bikes and chains and piling the chains up good....it was necessary after a bunch of rides that had us covered head to foot in mud!

And on Monday I started my new job.  So far so good...lots of HR stuff and lots of company overview and basic information about the job and company.   Real training will start on Thursday.  

So that brings me to my focus of this blog......weight and health.

My weight...237.  Which is on the low end for me.   But let's not get too excited.  Remember yesterday was my first day...meaning I had first day jitters....first day skip breakfast because my stomach was flipping with nerves.   First day nibble on lunch because my nerves had started to settle but I wasn't ready for a full meal.  (I ate like a pig at dinner though!)

My eating?  Not the greatest but I'm trying to fix that this week...start the new job with healthy habits!

Exercise?   I have an hour plus commute each way....I'm trying to figure this one out..  and admittedly, even though I sat most of the day...the overload of information made me so tired last night.   I sat around like a zombie!!!!

I will figure it all out...and in the meantime I just going to do my best!!!