Monday, July 13, 2020

Empowering weight loss

I drew the line in the sand for my weight loss journey.   I made my plans for weight loss.  I decided that weight loss is a choice that I have to ask myself each I want to eat this and be fat or do I want to eat something healthy or forgo it totally and be thin?   It is working is the question though?

Ask yourself, Fat of Thin 

I can definitely say that asking myself this long term question each time I am faced with temptation has worked like a charm!  I don’t ask myself if I want to I indulge at that moment.  I don’t ask the here and now question., which would be done you want to indulge and enjoy the pleasure or just delay your weight loss journey a day’.  I ask the long term question for you want to eat that and stay fat or do you want to not eat that and get thin.  And oh boy does it work!!!

I knew we had leftover roasted squash in the refrigerator that I had planned to eat for lunch.  I had planned my lunch and I was determined to eat that lunch.   I reached into the refrigerator to cleavage the squash and my eyes lit up.  I saw the holy grail of leftovers!   I saw a container of leftover macaroni and cheese!   Ahhhhh. Just saying the words macaroni and cheese makes my mouth water!   That is what I was having for lunch!   I could eat that with my roasted squash.  No problem!!! I pulled both containers out of the refrigerator.

I even opened the container.  But then I remembered to ask myself that all important question.   Do I want to eat this macaroni and cheese and stay fat or do I want to skip it and stay with my planned lunch which will help me get thin?   

I put the Mac and cheese away. I want to be thin!

Successful weight loss breeds empowerment

I made healthy weight loss choices all week long. I had one or two more close misses, but I stayed solid as a rock with my food choices.  I kept my calories/food budget exactly where I wanted it to be.  And slowly but surely, I have started to see the numbers on the scales start to drop!  I can not tell you how relieved I am.  I can not write words that convey my happiness and excitement!  Yes, I’m excited!

But beyond being excited, I have been infused with a feeling of empowerment.  I have taken control of my weight loss journey.  I am in charge.  I am doing well!  I haven’t felt deprived.  I am starting to see the results. That has filled me with pride and that pride has turned into feeling powerful.   I may only be a few pounds down, but I feel successful and on top of the world!   I have faith in myself again!!!