Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My own personal miracle.

OK, so it wasn't any grand, "wow, I actually lost weight when I thought I had gained' miracle. However, I was pretty sure that I had gained about 2 pounds. So, when they said, 'you gained 1 pound" I was pretty tickled!

Tonight at our meeting we talked about how to navigate the holiday/thanksgiving dinner. At least I won't have scads of desserts and such to resist. I'll only have to worry about it actually AT the dinner. But when dinners over, and we leave the restaurant, the temptation will be GONE, over DONE! Woo hoooo

I was all bummed last night and today. It's been rainy and wet. We had been planning on hiking the trails on the battlefield tomorrow. Making a full day of it. Well, we know from having hiked the one trail that these trails are not exactly rough...but they are not ones that would be great if it was muddy. SO I've been bummed because I've been looking foward to it ALL week and it is looking like that plan is a no go. Well, on the way to work today I thought to myself. Why can't we leave our house and walk the roads through the battlefield. Yeah, it wouldn't be as pretty...but if we start at our end (the north end) and go the whole way to the southern end, we'd at least be getting in a nice long walk! A couple miles. Then we could still treat ourselves at the deli in town on our way back through. Which would be a treat. We have been cutting down how many times we eat out. Limiting it, I should say. Plus, the deli hasn't been on our top list of places to go since I worked there. So it would be a nice treat...and a fitting addition to a day of local activities. :-)

Tomorrow night we will be in Hagerstown for travelogue. That should be fun also! SO all in all, tomorrow may still end up being a fun day! Oh wait...I have to clean the house really good somewhere in there....in preparation for the preachers visit....hmmmmm think we can bar him entry to our part of the house and just meet him in the studio??? No MaryFran, that won't work! (oh my, am I now talking to myself also.) Ok...I'm scared now! haa haa haa

Am I due a Miracle?

No...I don't expect a miracle to occur! Although it would be nice. I'm actually expecting about a 2 pound gain this week. As disgusted as I am with that, I'm ok with it. I know why I'll show a gain...and there is pretty much nothing I can do about it...so there!

That brings me to a thought of mine. Some people don't weigh daily. I do. I think for me part of it is that I know my body flucuates in weight at certain times of the month. (thankfully now my flucations are only 2 pounds instead of the 10-15 pounds that I used to fluctuate). So isn't it better to know this? Isn't it better to face it daily instead of once a week and just happen to hit it on a high end fluctuation day? I think that would be much more devastating emotionally!

Another thing I noticed. Today, I put on a pair of dress pants that I purchased for the job that I'm currently working at. They were tight at the beginning of the summer. In fact, this particular pair of pants went into the closet and i didn't wear at first. So today I put them on....KNOWING that I've gained my monthly requisite of water weight and the pants are loose. Need a belt loose! NO...I didn't wear my new belt....brown pants and a black belt....nope, not gonna fly! Quite interesting!

Started the core thing this morning! I went to have my oatmeal. I normally measure out my cereal...it's way to easy to pour extra in. So I grabbed my measuring cup (as i normally do in order to measure out my portion of oatmeal) and all of a sudden it hit me...I don't have to measure my oatmeal...it's a core food..which means I can have as much as I want. So I simply poured in the amount that I thought would be sufficient. Same with the milk. I did however measure out the brown sugar that I added....and yes, I used a flex point for the brown sugar that I used. Hmmm....this will be interesting.

I was raving about how I didn't have to measure my oatmeal this morning and Todd was like, "man, I'm in for an interesting week. We'll be eating all we can possible eat of salads. Bowl after bowl' I just laughed. I think he may be in for a surprise, because I've got a pretty good menu planned out. One that I think he'll actually like and appreciate. Actually not at all restrictive. Now I'll admit...i'm a bit of a pickier eater, so I don't know that I would be happy with doing core week in and week out. But for this week, I think I'll make it! Even without the bread! :-)

Like I've said before (I think), this core thing is getting a leg up already becuase my weight is artificially inflated with this water weight. SPEAKING of.....could I be getting rid of some it? I will say I've been in the bathroom like 4 times in the last hour or so!!!! Dare a girl to dream?????