Saturday, March 07, 2015


Maybe this will be a post in pictures......  hmmm

I am doing well with the water and I'm trying to incorporate more fruist and veggies into my diet.  
My swag for the Cooper River Bridge Run arrived.   I am woefully prepared but it is 3 weeks away come hell or high water. (possibly both).

Still enjoying my niece and nephews.  :-) 

I will stop to say that I have a challenge that I'm starting tomorrow.  I should be eligible to actually file for the divorce in October of this year (stupid waiting period).  My friend Paula and I also plan on running a half marathon in October.  We are tentatively looking at running a Rock and Roll half in Philadelphia on October 31.  So this is a multi part challenge.  I want to be 50 pounds lighter.  I'm not going to beat around the bush.  I've gained 15-20 pounds since the separation commenced. I'm at the HIGHEST weight I've been in a LONG time.  So 50 pounds will put me back in onederland.  I want that.  That is my when I go to that divorce hearing that I'm sitting at a nice low weight!   I also want to run this half marathon at a much lower weight.     My friend has a weight goal also.  She is closer to her goal weight (and shorter).   So we are aiming for 1 pound a week for her and 2 pounds a week for me.   There are a few 'mess up' weeks for us in there...but we have a goal and a fun idea of where we can flaunt our new bodies.   The running/training will help us lose the weight too.  All hand in hand.  So that is the plan we concocted today.  ha ha ha ha