Friday, November 02, 2007

I did very good eating wise today. However last night, my husband and I were talking while we ate....and I learned something. DO NO TALK ABOUT UPSETTING ISSUES WHILE EATING! Yeah, we were having pesto with girlled chicken. I had very little chicken (as I don't like much meat) but the pasta and pesto I had calculated and portioned out. Well, I shovelled it in so fast...that before I could think I was going back for seconds!!!! And then I had dessert! (WW sundae cup..but still!) So I got hit with an emotional eating episode!

Like I I've done pretty good. Emotions are still pretty ragged...but I"m resisting the temptation to drown out my sorrows with food. I guess I realize that I'll eat...and it won't make things better. IN fact, it makes things worse because I either A. Feel so yucky after I shovel in all that food or B. I feel guilty after shovelling in the food. ANd sometimes it's a combination of the two!

Tomorrow Todd and I are doing the sweep ride for the canal associations heritage hike. That gives me a bike ride for activity tomorrow! Hopefully the weather is decent. I don't feel like riding if the weather is crappy...but I will. I guess I'll have to!


Chart Smart said...

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Never-nobody-nothing said...

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