Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Ok, maybe not crabby...but crab tree falls!

I have been missing....again....but missing doesn't mean I'm down and out!  I'm still tracking everything I eat.  It hasn't been exactly spectacular but I'm still tracking.  That means that I am at least still cognizant of what I am eating.   I just pulled up my last week on myfitnesspal and it wasn't all that bad.  My caloric intake for the week averaged out to be 1450 calories.   That isn't too bad.    The crazy thing?  My high days were on my long weekend away with Jason.  No, that's not the crazy part..the crazy thing is that I came back and weighed in 2 pounds lighter!  I'll take it.  We typically are pretty active on the weekends, so I'm sure that plays a big part in it!  We also drink a LOT of water.....it is easy for me to drink a lot when I see Jason drinking.  He is also very vocal about making comments when we are hiking like "Sweetheart, I haven't seen you drinking any water....are you drinking?"   OF course on our Monday hike I was the one that looked at him and said "Your not drinking a lot today...I'm way ahead of you"  So it does go both ways!  

So I'm determined to keep it on point this week.  My weekends we are hiking and moving and not only am I very active, but I am so not even thinking about food!   I am very sedentary at work and it is slower so I do have way too much time to think about food....which is not a good combination because it makes me want to snack.  

Running?  Last week I didn't run even once!  Yeah, that's not a good thing.  Life .........well it just didn't happen.  No excuses....I just plain didn't get to it even the days that I planned, it just didn't happen.  This week though...I'm hot on the trail!  Although, I did have a brief thought about waking up to run at 5AM this morning...but that didn't happen.  Maybe tonight after I spending time with Jason. (Although realistically, we will probably find a park or trail to walk on this evening so will I want to run when I get home?)

So my work week last week was just busy.  There was some stuff going on and some happenings in life that just made the week a busy one.    So when Friday 2PM rolled around and I was free for a long weekend I was READY for the weekend!

Jason and I hopped into the car and headed south.  We went to Staunton, VA.  On Saturday we hit up the Frontier Culture Museum and found a trail outfitter store a town or two away to go look at (and drool over things we would love to buy).   It was really hot and the sun was really bright.  We used sunscreen but started to feel burnt, so we retreated inside out of the heat and sun and watched movies in the cool!  We wanted to avoid any major burns so that we wouldn't ruin our other planned outdoor activities for the weekend.

On Sunday we woke up to an overcast day.  It didn't deter us.  We expored the towns near us and hit up the Besty Bell Park.  Even though it rained while we were at the park, we were fine as we were under the cover of trees.  The park sign was there so I headed up the road.  Once I started up I was committed to make it to the top.  But let me tell you...the road was HORRIBLE.  It was definitely a four wheel drive road....but I just went slow (VERY SLOW) and we made it to the top.  The overlook gave us a pretty sight.  Then we hit up what we thought was a path and headed down the hill on foot.  It turned out to be an old road that was no longer used.  We saw some really cool fungus though.   

We went back down the crazy road.  I actually popped it into neutral and drifted down (with my foot on the brack the whole way).  I think a turtle passed me as we went down!  We parked at the bottom of the park and hiked a trail on the bottom up a different hill (or maybe a different section of the hill).  The trail was well maintained on the bottom of the trail but as we ascended the trail became very overgrown....so much so that we cut back some branches and brush for the next person.  That trail didn't have any great overlook but we had fun exploring (and there was a geocache midway up so that was a good thing!)

Monday morning we awoke and were greeted by the sunshine!  YAY!   We headed to Crabtree Falls  It is the highest vertical drop waterfall east of the Mississippi River.  The hike up is gorgeous as the trail switchbacks up the mountain and takes you past the 5 major cascades of the waterfall and numerous other small cascades.   It was incredibly gorgous!  It was a good workout and a really fun day together to end our long weekend away.

It was a good weekend!!!!

So back to the grind today.   I am planning on keeping my food in line.....I am planning on running at least 2 times this week.  I am planning on kicking this weight in the behind!

Monday, May 23, 2016

So much to say...so little space.

I have so much to say...so much has been on my mind lately...and then more came up over the weekend....oh well...it's my blog, this might just be a little long....although I promise to not ramble too much!!  

So after my post the other day about the Reeces cups I was really thinking about the demon cups.   Ironically enough that very night Jason had a serious talk with me about them...because while he teases me he wanted to be absolutely certain that I found it funny and that it wasn't really actually hurtful.  Yeah he knew the answer because he knows me...but he had to hear me actually say it to rest easier!  (Yeah just another reason to really like this guy!).    I of course laughed and said that I thought the teasing was funny and actually sparked me to be more diligent about not letting them slide back into my life in such a grand scale!!  He laughed and said..."yeah That's what I was almost positive was happening!"    But while I was talking to him I made a comment that 'if it wasn't Reece's cups it would be something else...and I said 'remember when a few months ago I was ordering breaded and fried cheese like it was going out of style??   It was out of control and I had to stop myself?  He laughed and said ...yup he remembered.   You see  I was sliding into the 'addictive behaviors with those too'.  So I realized the other day that it can be anything.      Fried cheese (delicious)...demon cups (super delicious)....Dairy Queen Blizzards.  (Yummy).  Oh yes wasn't it just a few weeks/months ago that I was talking about my blizzard issue???   Macaroni and cheese....peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...French fries, chocolate chips, Oreo cookies.....And so many things!!!    Luckily sometimes it's healthy things....strawberries....green beans...baked zucchini....etc.     So that's the scary thing it can hit with so many things!!!    Oh yes....addictive personality.     

So I've whipped the Reece's cup addictive tendency (for now). I broke the cycle....but I'm sure something else will populate within my life and I will have to break the cycle...time and time and time again...because that is how my mind and addictive tendencies work.  (Unless it's something healthy like strawberries....what breaks that cycle is when I get a few weeks of eh tasting strawberries!)

Running....I won again...but I know my wins may be coming to an end....because the only way I'm winning is scheduling and health issues that keep him from running.    

This weekend we had a good time...even with the rainy weather.   I struggled internally though....I struggled with body image issues.   I felt fat...I felt bloated and I just struggled.   Jason was his normal totally complimentary self...telling me how beautiful and attractive he finds me.  But I struggled to not growl back at him.   I knew it was me...i know that it is my battle and that his words totally match his actions...so it really was my problem.   Maybe it was because The monthly ick hit this weekend with its normal water retention causing bloating feeling and a jump on the scales.  Who knows!!  Don't know why it was this way this weekend but that just the way the cookie crumbles I guess!   

I'm a stress eater...and I had some stress last week...some bad news in my life...and I lost control of my eating and calories. I'm back on track now I think...and just trying to fight the stress without food!   Prayers for my father please though!!!

So my weekend?   It was rainy and supposed to rain and drizzle all weekend...which it did.  So we went to Fredericksburg, VA...lots of indoor options and options that were not "totally" outside!     We got lucky and it only misted when we had to be outside!!!

Chatham Manor

Fredericksburg Battlefield (and visitor center/museum)

Willis Hill Cemetery

Fredericksburg National Cemetery

And the stormy choppy Potomac Ricer

Luckily my cat when I got home sacrificed and helped me eat my dinner to help me save on calories!

Silly Ethel!   (Course I blame this on 'grandma and grandpa' as she never got people food before we came to live with my parents!!!)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Demon cups

I drew the line in the and a week and a half ago with the Reece's cups.  (Now known as demon cups!). I will freely admit that I have looked at them longingly in the store!    I will also confess that the other day when I caved and ordered DQ for lunch at work that I got the $5 lunch box and I upgraded it to a blizzard ($1 extra). and without thinking I just rattled off that I wanted a Reece's cup.   It wasn't until I was eating my small blizzard that I realized that I was eating some of those darn demon cups!!   Luckily it did not spark a downward spiral of demon cup craving!  Maybe because the demon cups were chopped and somewhat frozen encased in the ice cream...so I didn't get the ooey gooey goodness of the peanut butter chocolate mixture.   Jason is quite supportive...and when I stopped at the store to pick up a drink the other day he texted me and asked 'no Reece's cups right?'   However his support comes with lots of teasing.  He claims he is going to hop in my car someday soon with the bright orange Reece's cup package hanging out of his shirt pocket...and he will have to have it on the dash over the air vent to keep it from melting!  He also said that he is going to eat one....and then give me a big old kiss so I can taste the demon cup!!!   Sooo mean!!!  Hahaha. I just tell him to tease away....turn about is fair play!!!  (And of course the more he teases the more determined I am to refrain! And yes he knows that....yes he has figured me out...my ex never figured that little quirk out in all the years we were together yet this man has me figured out in  6-7 months!!).   I did  find a loophole though!!!  The line in the sand was for Reece's cups!    So I just need to  go to to the dollar tree and get a cheap brand!!!!!!   Problem solved!!!!   Hahaha. No...I don't plan on using my loophole!!!  

So let's see....what has happened in the last week since I last wrote.   My eating has gotten a bit more under control.  Still wavers on out of control some days...but overall so much better!!!  My report in to my friend Sue looked like this...

I did win last weeks challenge of running but I am only squeaking out wins!!!   This challenge is going to keep me moving and running!   I'm now adding in one or two miles if speed work (typically my last miles of my run).   Basically right now I'm just running intervals...fast run then slow jog and then back to fast run.   I can see it helping my pace.  :-)

Last weekend Jason and I spent some time in Winchester, va....we hit up the old courthouse civil war museum....

The Kernstown Battlefield

We kicked out and hit a living history encampment.

And of course the Pritchard House on the battlefield...

We also were able to get in a hike...even though the weather was rainy on one day of the weekend and blustery cold on the other day!   We hiked in the George Washington National Forest. More specifically..we hiked at the Elizabeth Furnace.     The furnace trail was neat as it had neat little monuments that pointed out the old furnace and explained how the furnace operated.

The furnace trail actually hooked up with the Tuscarora Trail....so we did some of that also.... 

So I was active.  I'm slowly getting my food under control!!!!  Slow but sure!   

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I must be demented!!!

Today my legs are dead!   This running competition with Jason is kicking my tail end.  (Basically the person that runs the most miles is the winner.....stupidly awesome prizes like kisses and hugs and whatnot...stuff we give anyway!). That boy ran 6.02 miles yesterday...so this morning in 50° weather (I don't mind running in 50°) and in a steady rain (I do mind running in the rain) I went out.  At 6AM!   6AM should be banned forever!  Who in their right mind wants to be up at that hour???  (Ok I like being awake at that hour...nestled in bed with a book!!!!).   My goal was to get outside and at least knock a few miles off.   You see if I'm going to lose I don't want to lose by a landslide!   I want a respectable loss!!!   I knew that if I skipped the run totally that I couldn't recover and make up 6 miles....but I thought to myself...if I run 4....I can maybe make up the two miles on an 'off day'.  So I went.   Once I was out there I wanted to quit after two miles!   (Which is the first natural bail out point in the route I took this morning). But I didn't.   I pushed it and told myself...two more miles then I could bail and go home!   But right around mile 3.5 (shortly after I stepped in a puddle and soaked my foot really bad) I decided to just be a 'bad ass' and go for 5.   I mentally planned an addition to my route and knew it would take me close to 5.5 by the time I got home.    Well once I got that close I added another block or so on...and it said 6.00 miles right as I arrived at my front door.    Now...a sane person would say job well done.   But have I ever been totally sane???    (Remember it's 50° and raining and I just ran 6 miles so I think we all know the answer to that question!).   Yesterday Jason ran and you probably forgot what I said he ran....I will refresh your memory.   6.02.    A flat 6 mile run would leave me still lagging behind!   So I passed my house and ran about 50 feet down the road and then back to the door....making my total mileage 6.05!     Yes I am ahead by 3/100's of a mile!!!   Yeah.   I'm a bit competitive!!!   (Jason is just as much. So this is going to be a hoot)

Exercise I seem to be doing well on....now to just continue to focus on getting the food back in line and then nothing will stop me!!

Monday, May 09, 2016

The line in the sand

This weekend was another awesome one!  Lots of laughter, love and companionship!  What could be better?

We hiked at Shenandoah River State Park.   We ended up doing a lot more miles than we thought we had done.   We felt fine while we were hiking, but when we stopped and sat for a bit in the car we got soooo stiff!   Which just brought more laughter as we made fun of each other as we took the first few steps after sitting for a while!  

The park trails that we were on we fun.  They were really neat also because we found ourselves at one point down by the Shenandoah River, 

but a bit later we were high up and overlooking the Shenandoah River,

and then a bit later we were down in a marshy area on a boardwalk, 

only to go back up!    

 The trails were a great workout in that we would just be starting to say 'dang this climbing is getting old and starting to hurt,and the trail would level out for a bit.   Then we would dip down and awe would start to descend which is totally different muscle use....just when those muscles would start to really scream the trail would level out or start to climb.   Lulled us into a false sense of security maybe in that our muscles never were overworked for long but they certainly got a workout!!!

We also stopped at the Aldie Mill.  We were driving by and saw the sign that said 'Mill open, grinding today!" Of course we stopped!   It was a free tour (I did drop in a donation though because it was a fabulous tour and demonstration!)  Built right around 1804....they still grind (for demonstration and education purposes....finished product not for sale). It was a fabulous find for us!

So that brings me to the actual nuts and bolts of this blog...weight loss...healthy living...and all things pertaining to that.  

On Saturday we stopped to get drinks around 4 or so.  I hadn't eaten lunch and I knew that dinner wouldn't be until much later. I picked up a Reece's Cup to tide me over.   I had the regular size in my hand. (Two cups equaling 210 calories).  But then i switched to the king size....at 420 calories.   And yes I happily ate the whole thing!  (Hey I did offer some to Jason as a good girlfriend should!!).   Fast forward to Sunday...we were on our way and we stopped to get a drink.  I had already eaten something...and I was fine with not getting a snack or anything. Seriously, I was FINE!   Until I saw the Reece's Cups!  My mouth watered at the thought of having that delicious morsel in my mouth!   Yes, I caved and bought it...and ate it!!!    And then I looked at Jason and said 'I'm drawing the line in the sand, no more Reece's cups for a while'.  Because you see....once in start, I want more and more!  Oh yeah, he teased me when we saw Reece's cups in the visitor center at our next stop, asking me if I was sure I didn't want one!  Hahaha. He also said he would not police me...but he would talk to me if he noticed something becoming a problem.   So while he teased me....I know that ultimately I have his support! 

Line in the sand!   I drew the line with diet soda about a month ago...and I have had diet soda three times.   And to me that is a victory!   I don't think anything needs to be forever banned.  But somethings need to only consumed randomly and rarely!   Maybe someday I will get to the point that I can indulge in a Reece's cup once a month and be fine...but for right now, the line is in the sand....not for a while!

Yes...I burned those Reece's cups on our hikes...so there is that!  But still....eating them is NOT helping me get to my goals!!

So where am I on these goals???  Well I spent the first two to three weeks of April losing weight.  I lost about 7-8 pounds.  I have spent the last two weeks gaining.  About five pounds.   It's totally my fault. 100% my fault!   Bad food choices!!!   

I have been more active though!   Last week I ran 9.52 miles!  I walked about the same distance give or take.  So I wasn't a total sluggard!   (But weight is lost in the kitchen, not the gym!)

So I'm back at it.   The line was drawn in the sand with the Reece's cup....but it goes deeper than Reece's cups!  I have goals and dreams!   I have a reason I want to be thinner.....I have a reason that I want to be fitter.    I have motivation!!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

It's too dark!!!!

The alarm went off at 5 AM.  I opened my eyes and groaned.   It was super dark outside!    Seriously, way dark!!!   I reset the alarm for 5:30.

I slept the thirty minutes.   The alarm went off at 5:30.     Dang....it was still way dark out there!  But I knew I had to do it.  I want change in my life.....and that means I need to enact the change!

    I drug myself out of bed......I put on my running clothes and shoes and I was out the door.  To be continued further on in this post......

So why in the world was I contemplating running at 5 o'crazy clock in the morning???? 

Jason and I have talked about running.   He has known that I run from almost the first day that we talked.   He had known I struggle with consistency in my runs.   He has from that very first day expressed interest in running.   He actually was dabbling in starting to run again after many years of not running.     We met...and obviously things went well....and well running took a back seat in his life and due to a sprained ankle and some blisters and some cold weather it took a back burner in my life as well.  

A month or so ago we discussed running and he actually challenged me to attempt the JFK 50 miler in a year or so (properly trained of course). I told him yeah sure....but let's get a half marathon and a full marathon under our belts before we head for some crazy 50 mile dealio.   We agreed but neither of us started to run.  Running came up in the conversation a few times but we still didn't start running.   


About two weeks ago one of us came up with the running challenge.   Basically right now the person that puts in the most miles each week is the winner.   Plain and simple!   There will be rewards...nothing big.  Hahaha. Simply things that we already give each other.  (Come on now...use your imagination!!)

The smack talk started almost immediately!  Oh yeah.. Big time smack talk!  

Last week we started....I planned to run my first run on Tuesday. (I actually did a run or two the week before to get myself limbered up for this challenge!!).  I wasn't worried though.  He hadn't run in years!!!   The first couple weeks should be a breeze for me!   (I also know as a guy he would soon be faster and able to run further and I would really struggle to hang with him in terms of miles and speed!). 

 On Monday mapmyfitness dinged to notify me of Jason's first run.   I eagerly looked at my phone and immediately dropped the phone in shock!   What????  He ran 2.46 miles on his first run??????   At a pace of 11:26?    The pace blew me away.  He was ALREADY faster than me! !!!!   And what was worse?  He was 2.46 miles ahead of me in this challenge!!!!A good sport, I told him how impressed I was! (Ok and maybe I encouraged him because I love the guy too!)

No worries I woke up on Tuesday and I ran.  I ran 4.17 miles.  Take that!!!!  Yeah baby!  I had this in the bag!!!!  No way was 'the newbie' gonna steal my glory on this first week!!!!   

And then on Wednesday I figured out exactly how competitive he really is.  (I only had an inkling before!).  That boy ran 5.22 miles at average pace of 11:02!   My jaw dropped!  

Now in case you can't do the math...that put him up....way up on me!!  3.51 miles up!    

Yup....on Thursday I knocked out a 6.19 miler!   And yes...that was enough for the win.   He had to take a wee little break because he came on too much too soon!   I collected my prize and I didn't gloat too much, he was sore ya know!!!   Plus, I know he is gonna wipe the floor with me SOON!!

So the new week started.   He has backed off his miles a bit for his health and safety.   So yesterday he knocked out 2.02 miles (average pace of 10:51).....

And that brings me to 5:30 this morning. I had to leave the house by 7 to go to work....(Monday through Wednesday of this week) and I have things going on in the evening.....when does a person run????    5 apparently is a bit too dark.   5:45 works!   (I had my clothes for work laid or and my lunch packed so that I would be able to push the run as late as possible!). 

It wasn't bad.....my running path was empty!    There were less cars.  If I can drag myself out of bed his may work!

2.29 miles on my legs by 6:15!   Weeee!
It was a rough slow run for me....I ran faster last week....hmmmmmmm

Probably Not enough for the win this week (since it's so early). but at least I'm hanging and not falling horribly behind!!!!    And right now I'm a quarter mile ahead!  Ahh yes, I will bask in that moment of being ahead for just a few minutes, hours, or days until he knocks me back off my pedestal!

So competitive running....might help with the consistency!!!

Even with the running we are still hiking and walking.   We still went out and got a three mile walk in on the canal last night!!!   And if the weather holds we will probably knock off a few miles tonight also!!!   (I'm very lucky in that many of our dates and hours together involve physical activity in the form of hikes and walks and hopefully soon bike riding also!!!). 

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Well then

So I was active!   That counts for something right?????  Ok with a start like that there has to be a 'but' in there somewhere and there certainly is!!!   My weight wa sup last week when I did my official weigh in.  My weight was up on Friday morning when I checked the situation...and since I was just downright hungry today And the weather was rainy and overcast this weekend prohibiting long mountainous hikes I don't expect it to be any better tomorrow.

But like I said...I WAS active this last week!   

Monday after work we walked on the canal...

Dam 5 lock house

Charles Mill

On Tuesday I ran 4.17 miles

On Wednesday we walked on the canal (different area)

McMahons Mill

On Thursday I ran 6.19 miles!

On Friday we walked at the City Park

The weather was icky this weekend but I managed a 2 mile run on Saturday morning.    

Sunday...yucky weather so we walked the mall at Tysons Corner....

So I wasn't a sluggard.....(the walks were all 3-4 miles in length at the bare minimum).  It was totally my food choices that just blew my efforts out of the water! I forgot my motivation....the reason for my efforts!  I have been reminded and I'm refocusing!!!