Thursday, November 12, 2015

So it goes

Blasted stupid scales!   I do weigh myself somewhat regularly.  I know that there will be fluctuations.  They happen for various reasons.  They can happen because of sodium in my diet, excess food eaten, monthly many reasons.  I know this and I accept it.  But today was one of those days where I just wanted to scream.   This week actually.   On my official weigh in on Wednesday I showed up four tenths of a pound from last week......I've maintained my weight the last two weeks... staying within 2/10 of a pound from where I was two weeks ago.  I can accept a maintain, but I don't WANT a maintain, I want a loss.  So yesterday I drug myself to the gym and worked out.  I ate totally on target!  I was tight with what I ate.  I was on top of it!  And this morning?   My weight was up!!!!  GAH, how disgusting is that????

Oh well, I KNOW it is just a number.  I know that this simple number is only a reflection on that exact minute and not a reflection on my efforts.  I also know that my efforts WILL eventually show on the scales!   SO moving on!

I woke up this morning.  It was a run morning.  I was ready!  I checked the weather and saw that I had a window of opportunity to run outside before the rain began.  Wooo gym visit needed, I could run outside!  I got myself ready to go...I went upstairs and looked out the window.  It was dry as a bone outside.  I put my shoes on and talked to my mom for a few minutes.  I stood up to leave....and low and behold it was raining.   GRRRR  I looked at the time......talking had eaten up the extra minutes I would have needed to give me time to go to the gym to get my run in.   GRRRRRR   OK, no worries.  Fridays rest day was swapped with Thursday's run!   I've got this!

That said, I came home from work STARVING tonight and I may have indulged a little bit.  I'm not proud of it...but it is life.  I will NOT let it rule me though.  It's done and over....and badly as I don't want to do it....I guess I better go check my calories for the day!   264 calories over.   It could have been worse FOR SURE!