Monday, May 10, 2021

I caved...kinda

I have almost anally eschewed any fad diets, ideas and health plans!   South Beach, Beach Body, Atkins, Keto....nope!  Sure I know of the plans but I have adamantly held firm to the belief that I need a balance in my life.   So I probably don’t even have to say that I have also stayed away from pills and potions.  So what in the world was I thinking when I sat and watched a video for one of these fads?

I woke up the other morning and lay in bed whilst Jadon was in the shower.  I picked up my phone and started to scroll.  It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon an ad for some diet fad.  I honestly don’t know what possessed me to read the ad.  And even more confounding is the fact that I clicked the video to watch.  The video droned on...‘I ate three donuts for breakfast and lost weight anyway and I didn’t even exercise’.  Oh yes the video was preaching a plan that included no exercise needed and you could eat anything you want and yet still lose weight.  Of course I didn’t believe that.  But I kept watching.  Eventually I just wanted to know what the gimmick for this plan was.  

I actually never stuck around to even get the name of the product.  But I stayed long enough to get the ‘science’ and concept behind the gimmick.   Gut health...good intestinal bacteria versus bad intestinal bacteria.  I listened and something intrigued me about this science. I vowed to do my own research....right after I got out of the shower.   I stopped the video.  I had heard enough.

I started my research within a half hour of watching that video.   I didn’t go too deep.  I went far enough to see what some of the main symptoms of imbalanced bacteria within us might bring.    And while I found that gut bacferia doesn’t cause weight loss or weight gain, the ‘gut health’ and bacteria do have a ripple affect that will affect my overall efforts to lose and maintain weight.   But the big thing that got me was that one of the main symptoms is sleep disturbances.  Sleep disturbances have been  the highlight of my previous year.  (I’ve been blaming it on my age...and that may be the reason...but who knows!)

I read the foods to eat to support good gut health.   Ironically enough I used to eat perfectly for good gut health.  Seriously,  when I lost all that weight I ate sauerkraut at least 5 days a was almost like a free food because the calories were so low!! (And way back when, it was one of the few free foods on Weight Watchers).    But when I divorced my eating went way out of whack.  I ate poorly.  I didn’t eat the organic food...the plethora of veggies...and for the last two years before Jason and I moved to our place, I was eating out for almost every meal...lots of processed foods, fried foods and sugar!   Did my body get out of whack???

I’m not buying into the hype.  But I researched good foods to eat.  I haven’t been eating the natural foods that add healthy bacteria...but I plan on starting again!   In the meantime, taking a probiotic can’t hurt!  (I have lately been doing quite well with the prebiotic rich foods so that was a lessor concern for me!)    

So wish me luck!   Weight loss would be nice.  Better sleep would be nice (literally Friday night I fell asleep and woke up wide awake 2 hours later and couldn’t go back to 3 or so on Saturday afternoon I was a sight, I was so tired!)!   But overall if I improve my’s a win!

We had a good weekend.  We had a quick trip to see my mom and to visit Jason’s parents on Saturday. It was Mother’s Day so we wanted to see our moms!   

On Sunday we ran our errands and then we spent the afternoon  geocaching.  It was a bit drizzly and overcast  for a good portion of the day but it was perfect for geocaching.   And our geocaching took us to some interesting places.

We went to a park and three old graveyards.  The graveyards were neat.  Some of the graves were from the early 1800’s.

The time at the park was just a good time since we were outside and able to be in nature!

Now back to work...and the weekday grind.  It is going to be a super stressful week for me at work. Lots going on!  I’m determined to not allow the stress to drive me to the kitchen!  I’m determined to keep my eating under control!!!!