Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I never thought I would say this, but I'm ready for the snow to stop! I usually love snow, but seriously...enough is enough!
I can't deny, the snow is pretty. I love to watch the birds just flock to our yard to eat. But come on now.....This weekend was 26 inches and we hadn't cleaned up totally from that yet and yet now we've got at least another foot out there! And they are calling for more in a few days! This has got to be a sick joke!!!

I've done better today with eating. Still not the best. But considering I've been pretty much housebound all day long....not too bad. (I did get some shoveling in, small wonder!)


Yes, I tell you the birds are here! It's the gathering place!

So being home has been good. I've got everything cleared up with the insurance company. A check should be arriving in the mail within a week. Insurance company? Did I fail to mention it? The last snow storm....the weekend snow we had a slight problem.


Yes, the roof collapsed on our one shed! Luckily not much was in that shed....but the shed is most definitely dead!