Thursday, February 09, 2017


It seems like everytime I get all gung ho to really dive into this weight loss/healthy change something happens.  A few weeks ago it was my car, money issues and a work situation.   And this week.....  Well....

So I started this week totally gung ho to make the last few changes necessary to see the weight really drop off!  I was ready!   I woke up stiff and sore on Monday but I went out for a run anyway.  This was the week of no excuses!  I was doing ok with my food.  I still indulged in Chicken from pot pies but as my side I got green beans....that's good right?  Better than french fries!!!!

And that is where it went south.  I ate the food on Monday night...and Tuesday morning I was as sick as a dog!  Oh pain......  I'm pretty sure it was some sort of food poisoning......terrible cramps in my stomach...but I never ran a fever, never had any aches or pains...NOTHING else.  In fact...I think it was the green beans...there were some factors that made me think so...but I'm not going to get into it here.  Suffice it to say...I have NO desire for any Popeyes Chicken anytime soon and Jason has commenced teasing me telling me that he is going to get me a heart shaped candy box and fill it with green beans for Valentines Day!  (SOOO mean!)

So what does that mean?  That means that I pretty much did NOTHING but lay around the house for Tuesday and Wednesday!  Yup.  By Wednesday I was feeling tons better but just still queasy and achy (probably mostly from the muscle aches of those incredible cramps).  But for those two days I ate...well, next to nothing.  Tuesday was nothing, the thought of food was enough to send me reeling. Wednesday was a piece of buttered bread and a half peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  So what was the grand total?  My official weekly weigh in...shows me down six pounds.  Now now now..I'm not going to get all excited, I know that post sick weight is not always true weight, but maybe I can hold onto some of it!

So today I have still really not been really all that hungry and honestly, eating has been difficult.  This morning I opened a packet of the Belvita Breakfast bar thingys. (Hey, they are easy to grab in the morning before work.)   It took all I could do to eat one of the four in that serving!  So I just ate one and left it be.  For lunch it took everything in me to eat 3/4 of a banana.  I threw the rest away and just rolled with it.

  And I thought about it for the rest of the day.....wouldn't it be nice if my body did a reboot....and food lost all control over me?   How spectacular it would be if I ate a half of banana and was satisfied physically, mentally and emotionally?  Wouldn't that be a great thing if food became something that I ate simply because I knew I needed it to fuel my body and for no other reason?

Unfortunately, I think that momentary lack of interest in food was only fleeting. (although honestly lots of food still doesn't sound overly appealing!)  For dinner I did eat a bit more. I had  a soft pretzel, some mashed potatoes and carrots.  I can't fault the soft was a better option then the pretzel cheese dog......OR my first choice which was a milkshake!

So how does one go about rebooting?  How does one go about figuring out how to change ones perception of food?  How does one be satisfied with less food?  That is the age old question.....and when I figure it out......all of my money woes will be gone!

Ohh and of course I would be sick and stuck in bed when the weather (in FEBRUARY) was GORGEOUS...and that fell on short work days for me so I could have otherwise been outside!!!!