Friday, July 25, 2008


OH MY WORD! We didn't even run through a full strength training workout yesterday (we did pretty much one set of each) but my muscles are feelin' it today! EIi yii yiii! Well, my thighs are the worst. And I admit that i was uhhh probably a little stupid today. I woke up and I laid in bed thinking about how I need to get back into the routine of cardio 5-6 days a week. I debated long and hard about what I wanted to do. Did I want to get up and jog a bit (which the trainer did recommend, she said to just watch that I don't do things that trigger the arthritis, since I seem to know what motions and movements do it), ride outside on my bike or ride the recumbant indoor exercise bike. Well, I chose the lazy mans exercise...the indoor bike (hey, I was able to play online while I did it too!). Well, a recumbant relies heavily on the thigh muscles.....yeah, the ones that were already sore from yesterday. But I did it. 8.3 miles. I was putzing through the house and Todd then made a comment. "Since the weather is supposed to be so wonderful today, how about you ride your bike to work and I'll meet you there on my bike when you get off and we'll bike home. Maybe we'll even go the long way home, on the canal." Well, I'm not going to pass up that opportunity. Plus, I was halfway toying with ridign my bike to work while I was laying in bed anyway. SOOOO I Packed my bag with my work clothes and rode my bike to town. (2.5 miles) Now my legs are literally begging for mercy! OUCH! And I've got to ride home yet. (ok, not for another 6 hours)

The scales were up this morning. Dang pesky thing. Tis my fault.....popcorn...with salt last night. I'll beat this weight though! I WILL win this game.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the parking lot here at work is a lady having a yard sale. She has her stuff priced to MOVE. I went over (yep, on the clock) and bought a few jackets. They still had the tags on them! Paid 2 bucks a jacket. Can't beat that. They just fit me, maybe a little tight. Motivation to lose the rest of the weight.....I'll try anything I can!