Thursday, September 05, 2013

Exhausted but Happy

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  Not at all.  I will admit to not really watching closely everything I have eaten in the last 5 days  I do have a reason though!   The reason?   On Saturday we started a HUGE project.  We built a patio.  So I spent hours upon hours out in the hot sun carting dirt (leveling the ground) then hauling a truckload of gravel from the pile to the patio, then hauling a ton of sand and a ton of paving stones.  Yes, I worked HARD.

Before the patio was built and a few of the paving stones.
The Frame built and we are starting to haul dirt to fill in and do preliminary leveling.
Completed patio (well, we have to finish cleaning off the finishing sand in this picture)

That project, while huge was NOT the only thing that was completed though.  We built a new bookshelf to put under the bay window in the library and some shelving for the closet.  I then spent hours reorganizing the library.  

Finished bookshelf under the bay window.

We also fixed a bad spot on the driveway and built a raised flower bed (more to come at a later date).   Hard, long, exhausting days.....

I knew early on that my weight was going to be all over the place.  At the beginning I was drinking water like mad, but also drinking diet soda like mad.  One day (oh yes, did I mention that it was hotter than Hades on Saturday through Monday?) I was downing Gatorade like it was going out of style.  My caloric intake was high.  I was eating about 2000-2500 calories.  However, according to the calorie counter I was earning tons for all the work.... So I'm hoping that the weight settles down and drops. Yes, the last time I glanced at my weight it was up.  I vowed to not worry about really looking at my weight until my next official weigh in...which is Monday.  I am back to work today, so I will refocus on eating the correct amount of calories AND drinking the correct amount of water (yeah, the last two days of vacation water consumption was not where it was....I was mostly drinking diet soda).

So I'm OK with whatever happens with my weight.  I know that I'm READY to knock this weight off!  I walked a bit this morning, plan to walk tonight....and I plan on getting back to running and riding ASAP!