Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another week bites the dust

Well well well...I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth.  I'm still here, chugging along.   

My week was actually NOT a collossal failure in terms of actions...but I will say that my week was not good on the scales. Yes, I am up.   Now, it could be an excuse, but I believe that I am dehyrdated.  I 
woke up a few times last night and grabbed for my water bottle to get a drink of water.  If thirst wakes me up...that's a bad sign.  This morning I woke up dry mouthed and thirsty....not a good sign and that little sign usually heralds a few pounds up on the scales.  Now I'm not going to say that my gain is all water...I will freely admit that I ate more than I should have last night.  But I think the main part of my gain is the water.

Here are my stats for the last week!

See, not that bad in the grand scheme of things.

So my last week....filled with lots of things.

Lets see there was work......

Geocaching...... this is at an old apparently Quaker graveyard....with weirdly enough only one grave stone 
standing in it. 

On a side note...I was doing a gadget geocache and needed to heat up a rod to 110 degrees and then cool it down to 77 degrees.  I ended up going into a nearby store to buy some hot coffee (heated it to 150 degrees in seconds) and some diet soda (and an extra cup with ice for the cooling down segment).   I drank the diet soda...first time in a while 
that I had diet was NASTY!

This weekend the weather kept us planning more inside activities (although I did run really early on Saturday morning).
We hit up Washington DC again.  This time we walked through China Town.....

I was disappointed that the picture didn't turn out well...but it is a picture of a row of cooked ducks...with heads attached
hanging in the window/cooking area of a chinese restaurant.  I got to giggling when I saw it...stuck on the line for "the ChristmasStory"   "It's smiling at me!"  

We went to the Air and Space Museum (the Dulles location remains my favorite...although the Amelia Airheart display will always be a 
favorite of mine).

And I'm not sure why a Lucille Ball lifesize picture was in the museum (other than a passenger in an airline back in the 50's) but I had to get a picture with her....especially since I was wearing an I Love Lucy teeshirt!  (I must remembber to wear that teeshirt a week from
this upcoming weekend on August 6 to commemorate her birthday.) 

We just wanted our pictures in the aircraft....

From the Air and Space we headed to the American Indian was also really neat.....and blessedly, not as crowded.

After that museum we were we headed back to the metro for the ride back to our car!

The weekend.......the running, mowing, geocaching, walking around the lake and shops on Saturday, and the hot walking in DC on Sunday....
Totally dehydrated!  That's where I think my weight went wrong.

I leave with a picture of my precious old girl, Ethel.