Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Undeserved....Sometimes weight loss has results that are undeserved.  Last Wednesday I posted a gain.   It was an undeserved gain.  It was most likely water retention from movie theater popcorn....because seriously...that stuff needs butter and salt!  So short lived, undeserved but a gain none the less.   The last week was NOT stellar.  I didn't exercise a whole bunch.  I didn't eat overly healthy.  I wasn't within my was not a stellar week by any stretch of the imagination.  

 Yet, when I grudgingly stepped onto the scales this morning, I saw that I was back down to my pre-popcorn weight.   To be honest?  I knew that the popcorn water weight had disappeared by Thursday......but I ate....Specifically, I ate Chocolate chip-peanut butter-banana cookies. (These things are like crack...and I don't make them often for that reason!)  It started with the cookie dough and it continued to the finish product....a soft delicious cookie. (or maybe a dozen....or so of them).  So I stepped onto the scales this morning I was expecting to be the same as last week.....or worse.   To find myself back down to the pre-popcorn weight was wonderful.   But more importantly to find myself down to the pre-popcorn weight was undeserved!   

Weight loss is that way.  Sometimes the losses are undeserved.  Sometimes the gains are undeserved.  But we need to use the undeserved gifts (Or curses...depending on which way the scales are tilting) as little kicks in the arse.   When the scales tilt negatively for no reason than we need to kick it up and hold steady to 'show those scales who is boss' and for the undeserved gifts we need to use it as a kick in the arse to say 'you gave me a leg up.....I'm going to use that and expound upon it!"

So why was my week bad?   Oh it wasn't any reason...other than a holiday weekend.  Jason and I had planned on having a along with the normal hot dogs on the grill, potato salad, deviled eggs and chips I made those cookies.  We were out and about and had our normal weekend pizza and wings.     On top of the cookies...we didn't do any heavy duty hiking to burn mad calories.   But we still had fun!

We went to the Fredericksburg Masonic Cemetery ( in Revolutionary War old)

We hit up downtown Fredericksburg and toured the Old Stone Warehouse...the river out back and the basement where they are doing acheological excavations.

We visited the Ellwood House (Neat because of it's location on the Wilderness Battlefield....but also neat because a previous trip to Fredericksburg had us visiting Chatham Manor which owned by the same people as the Ellwood House... Summer/farm home versus winter/town home.

We walked a bit on the trail at Ellwood Manor

And the highlight of Ellwood Manor????   We visited the grave of Stonewall Jackson's Arm (it was amputated very near this site....about a week before Stonewall Jackson passed away)

We hit up the White Oak Civil War Museum 

And visited Point Lookout State Park and saw...

The lighthouse
The bay.....

Civil war prison camp memorial
The one trail....
In the pouring rain!!!

It was a very good weekend!