Sunday, March 04, 2012

A mental fight

I was in a mental fight with myself all morning.  I could have gone for a bike ride, but however, my limit on the bike is usually 45 degrees, nothing lower.  It was definitely lower, so no bike ride.  A jog!  I'm wanting to get back into jogging.  My knees hurt, but isn't it really mind over matter?   But it was so cold out there.  I allowed myself to get sidetracked here in the house with any number of mundane things.  I mean, seriously playing my rounds of words with friends is important right?   I looked out the window.  Brrr, it looked cold.  I guess I'll wait a little bit longer.  But I'm DEFINITELY exercising.   I wasted more time.  Looked out the window again.  Well, maybe I'll go when I get back from the birthday party this afternoon.  Yeah, that's a good plan right?  I honestly thought it was...for a few minutes.  But then reality returned.  I know that if I wait to come home I'm not going to want to exercise.  Not to mention when I get home, I'm going to have a gazillion pics on the camera.  Pictures that I'm going to want to edit.  Pictures that the mother of the birthday girl will be anxious to see....afterall, that's why I'm going to the party. (ok, I would have been invited as a friend anyway...but before that, I was hired on to take the pics).   So no, exercising afterwards was not goign to work.  The mental battle continued.  I never did make it outside.........but I did make it onto the exercise bike here at the house!   It wasn't long.  It wasn't a vicious workout.  But I worked up a sweat!  And I did it!